Evans The Kidnapper -By Comrd Ubong Usoro

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Evans Chukwudubem Onwuamadike


I sign in congratulating the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), for the arrest of the notorious kidnap kingpin Onwuamadike aka Evans.

Inasmuch, as I believe that Justice should be served I stand confuse on certain actions of Nigerians.

1.Media Publicity: Yes, This is a win win situation for the NPF and Nigeria as a whole, but the media distraction that has accompanied this arrest is uncalled for, is a plan of the Government to shift our minds for the real problems? Yes, Evans has been arrested but Corruption, Low standard of Education and High rate of poverty is still very much around and should be arrested by the relevant agencies. Respectable News sites like Naij. com should not lower their platform to reporting Evans family here and there, the are other things that needs this publicity, think if our media houses were to give the same publicity to our current crises, or are the encouraging the act of kidnapping?

2. #FreeEvans: Freedom of the arrested Billionaire Kidnapper has been advocated by some individuals on twitter and other sites but inasmuch as I advocate forgiveness, Nigeria is a country, with it’s constitutional wherein punishments for crimes are enshrined and should be duly followed, without Justice taking its course, it means that we have failed in our collective responsibility to protect our society, Evans should be rehabilitated and freed after due process.

Nigerians should desist from all forms of criminal activities and all forms of tribal sentiment should be put aside, as we move on.

Comrd Ubong Usoro




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  1. am so happy to have my article published here.

    Ubong Usoro
    June 22, 2017 at 10:04 am