Golden Eaglets of Nigeria: What the best reward should be!

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Argument have sprout up from different quarters of the country on what the best reward could be for the scintillating performance displayed by Manu Garba in the recently concluded FIFA U17 world cup tournament in UAE. In time past, the Nigerian government and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have dived towards rewarding past performers in under aged competition with landed properties as well as cash. But the chairman of Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Aminu Maigari and other senior members has stated that the Manu Garba’s led team will not be rewarded with such goodies except if the Federal Government is interested in carrying out such action.

There isn’t a doubt that the likes of under 17 and 20 competitions are developmental competition and with the poverty rate in Nigeria, this children are seen as the bread winners of their family and it is expected that the proceeds from their involvement in this team goes back for the maintenance of their family. This however, points to the fact that financial gains are placed on a much higher footing when it comes to career gain.

Nigeria have had thousands of forgotten talents who at one point or another have displayed immeasurable level of inborn skills while in the under aged competitions. Though they were remunerated heavily by the country and the football federation of Nigeria, but so what? Where are the late Yemi Tellers boys? Who gives a hoot about these young talents as long as they are doing great? Some are presently playing in Vietnam league and others in a very inconsequential league around the world, no offense!

The best reward for Manu Garba’s led team is to simply nurture them unanimously and prepare them for absorption into the Senior National Team, the Super Eagles. They do not really have to go through the huddle to play for the national team as long as it is evident that their talent is unmatched. Talents like, Isaac Success, Kelechukwu Iheanacho and others have shown that they have what it takes to succeed in the national team and needs to graduate and age, should not be a barrier to their progress, especially when the national team is struggling to create chance because of lack of creativity in the middle of the pack.

The Adnan Januzaj of Manchester United whom everyone is raving about is just 18 years of age and yet, plays for one of the biggest team in the world. We need to start getting it right in Nigeria.

Under special occasion a brilliant child is rewarded with scholarship and some are rewarded with “double promotion” to jump a class if they are consistent with their performance during and after their examinations. Sports should be no different if the talent is glaring.

Congratulations Golden Eaglets and God bless Nigeria!!!