Here We Go Again -By Edith C. Yassin

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Charly Boy and other #ResumeOrResign protesters


And so we embark on this slippery slope of hate and intolerance in the name of politics.
The issues are kept aside, personalities and sentimental reasoning take centre stage.

This same road was traversed by PDP trolls and TAN members. PDP could do no wrong. As a supporter of APC, I campaigned on this street, I received threats to my life and livelihood.

I was called names for being a member of #BBOG. An advocacy that was and still is regime neutral. Bus loads of PDP supporters were ferried to the Unity Fountain to intimidate and insult us. Finally they physically attacked us while the Nigerian Police looked on. We moved from place to place to avoid harassment. CP Mbu banned us and we went to court. The rule of law prevailed.

A new dawn arrived and now the shoe is on the other foot. Alas not much has changed in the intolerance department.

I am mortified as an APC supporter that the hate has scaled up, the bullying has increased and APC followers are dishing it out. Nigeria is not a One party state. PDP is still a legitimate political party. To demonise supporters of the party is pure folly.

All those spewing hate on behalf of APC are only eroding its goodwill. Trust me, that is what happened to PDP. Besides APC won based on a coalition of many regional parties and erstwhile PDP members. The North cannot claim monopoly of the machinery that brought PMB to power neither can the South West.

Let us tread with caution and let Democracy thrive. Allowing for equal rights, does not reduce your right. Taking laws into your hand means you do not trust PMB and APC.

Wisdom is profitable to the wise. To hirelings and handlers, I suggest you use people with average proficiency in the English language. From 2014 till date, communication skills have worsened. Sentiments and insults, rule.

Quite a few trolls left SM after PDP lost. This is just a virtual world. Meanwhile in the real world, the politicians and elite still hobnob across ethnic, religious and party divide. Do not be deceived, they are one big family at the top. Do not harm anyone on their behalf.

Let the struggle be about us having greater chances in life. Better education, health care, electricity and housing. Things that the elite and ruling class have, irrespective of their parties and we do not.