Immigration Recruitment And Pre-meditated Murder of Nigerians

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I think that the best way to kill a man without him complaining of not having a full live is to tell the person when exactly he’s to die, maybe in that way, he can fully get himself prepared, eat whatever he wants to eat and have the full chance to do whatever he wants to do before the cold hand of death come knocking. To some of you this may sound humorous or seem laughable but i am left with wonders as to whom the actual killers are, the government through the Nigerian Immigration Service or the dreaded members of Boko Haram?

In various state of the federation, Nigerians in their various shapes, age and sizes, who applied for the Nigerian Immigration Service job and were invited for an aptitude test assembled en-mass as early as 8 o’clock this morning. To them, it was going to be a marathon of exercise to check fitness and perhaps narrow down the candidates but little did they know that the government have another thing planned out for them. Let me begin with the Abuja venue from where i just returned from. According to some of the people i spoke to, a large number of them was at the gate of the Abuja National Stadium as early as 7 o’clock, at 9 when they were finally let in, they asked them to assemble themselves in accordance to their academic degrees, i.e 1st class, 2nd class et cetera. They were overjoyed in hope that the exercise will commence in no distant time and probably finish on time too. From that 7 o’clock that some of them arrived, and 9 o’clock that they were asked to re-arrange themselves, nothing happened even when the clock charms 4pm in the evening.

Due to the hot weather condition that pushed in dehydration, people were seen from miles dropping dead and fainting. So far in Abuja alone, 15 applicants has died and about 82 of them fainted and rushed to the nearest National Hospital in Abuja. Some of the applicants according to report, lost hope in the process and left the test venue wishing they never came.
68 percent of the 172 million people in Nigeria are unemployed, 25 out of the remaining 32 percent who are employed are not happy with their current employment and as such, seek for better opportunity and compounding the entire situation. What we have seen in today’s aptitude test by the Nigerian Immigration Service(NIS) is that the management of NIS are reckless and highly unprofessional.
When embarking on recruitment there are many things to consider. Without a clear process, recruitment can be incredibly wasteful. Most problems in recruitment can be tracked back to a lack of a clear job specification at the outset of the recruitment process.

The recruitment best practice guide involves a series of steps, each needed to be completed in order. Each step is designed to help ensure that the right individuals with the skills and personality you require, joins your business and helps take it to the next level. DOES THE MANAGEMENT OF THE NIGERIAN IMMIGRATION SERVICE know this?

In a vacancy of 3,000 you invited over 100,000 just in one location, what else is expected if not the death of some of the applicants and a wasteful exercise? The government should know that Nigerians are already suffering from the hands of Boko Haram and wish not to be killed by those who should legally protect them. If you do not have job vacancies, do not advertise. In law, this act is regarded as a pre-meditated murder and i feel the Nigerian government should be CHARGED and PROSECUTED for her actions today.