Interview With Nneka Ngene: 234 Girls And The Insurgency; My Take!

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Nigeria is facing not one, not twice, but several attacks not just from Boko Haram, but also from other influencial Nigerians, even within the government. It’s been 17 days now since the 234 girls were abducted and it’s just unthinkable how they could get away with such.

We recently conducted an interview with a Nigerian in Canada, here is what she has to say about the situation in Nigeria.


OpinionNigeria: Please introduce yourself, for the sake of our audience.

Nneka Ngene: My name is Nneka Ngene, originally from Enugu state, but I’ve lived in Port Harcourt all my life. I’m currently in Canada completing my Business Administration degree. I’ll be done in August and plan to move back home in September.

OpinionNigeria: Nice to meet you Nneka. Let’s begin with what’s happening…what do you think is the genesis of it all?

Nneka Ngene: I think if we take it back all the way to 2009, which is really when we started to hear anything about Boko Haram. They had an agenda- eradicate all things Western i.e. education and bring in sharia law. They bombed churches, UN building and what not. But as of late, things are not adding up for me personally. For one, the bombing in Abuja involved but muslims and christians. So what is their goal? They say remove all things western, but I can bet you that their ammunition and bombs are not things you can make in your house. These are high tech ammunitions which could have only come from the West. Just look at how deep a crater the bomb in abuja created. My theory is that, this is not even about religion anymore. It’s all a political agenda. By who? I have no idea. But I know things are not adding up.

OpinionNigeria: So your thought right now is that if the leaders had taken it serious then, it wouldn’t have gotten to this extent?

Nneka Ngene: Yes, that and it’s possible these “leaders” or people with a lot of influence and money are the ones sponsoring Boko Haram.

OpinionNigeria: But you just said there’s a “Western” touch to it…?

Nneka Ngene: Yes. About it not adding up with Boko Haram’s initial agenda, which was to eliminate all things western i.e. education. Then I said their agenda doesn’t make sense for right now because their ammunition is too high tech to have come from making it in their back yard. So my thing is, it might have started as them trying to eradicate everything western and introduce sharia law, but what they are doing right now, conflicts with that agenda such as: bombing christians and muslims alike and using high tech ammunition which must have come from the West. Which is why I think it is no longer a religious thing but more of a political agenda. Which is why I say they are being sponsored by people with money and influence. Which the average business man in Nigeria doesn’t have. So who else but people in power? and with that, I don’t think GEJ is doing his best. Not even slightly the core service the president owes his people is security amongst other things. But 2 weeks and no word but lazy statements here and there? It’s not enough.

OpinionNigeria: So we are looking at two angle to it right now, Western involvement and local influence as well?

Nneka Ngene: Yes, exactly.

OpinionNigeria: Over 50% of Nigerians are of the opinion that President Jonathan isn’t doing much to stop Boko Haram, what’s your take on this?

Nneka Ngene: I agree with that. I mean he’s the president and has all this intel at his disposal, so how can this still be going on? almost 4 years now.

OpinionNigeria: But don’t you think there are forces stopping him from actually do what he’s supposed to do as the President?

Nneka Ngene: Oh it is very possible that is the case. after all, he didn’t get into power by himself, there’s always people who dictate how things are run from behind the scenes. But when you are in a position of leadership, you shouldn’t be a puppet. You draw the line at some point with these people. Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn’t have what it takes to do so.

OpinionNigeria: There’s every indication that president Jonathan will contest for election come 2015, do you think he should and why?

Nneka Ngene: I can’t stop anyone from contesting because they’ll still come with their promises. The only decisions I can in some way influence, is that of the voters. If his first term is not enough indication of his incompetence then i don’t know what will be. Like they say, once bitten, twice shy.

OpinionNigeria: In a more clearer terms, would you like to see a Jonathan” again in the seat of power?

Nneka Ngene: Nope, never. Not in this lifetime.

OpinionNigeria: In your opinion, what do you think will be the right move to end the insurgency and restore peace again in Nigeria?

Nneka Ngene: I don’t know how this works, who’s paying who and it’s probably more complex than we think. There’s facts that the govt has that, we don’t. All they have to do is be strong enough to go against the people preventing the end of this insurgency.

OpinionNigeria: There are rumours that some neighboring countries are part of the sponsors, if this is true, how do you advise Jonathan to go about it?

Nneka Ngene: Ha, these questions are above my pay grade oh. I’ve heard BH recruited people from Niger and Chad but I see how they could be sponsors-all hausa. Honestly, it’s not even clear on what they(BH) want to accomplish so it’s hard to say.

OpinionNigeria: Do you see the leaders rescuing the 234 abducted girls, and ending the insurgency anytime soon?

Nneka Ngene: Yes, I do. I’m seeing activism on and off social media like never before which is putting more pressure on govt

OpinionNigeria: Finally, Nigeria is presently faced with too many challenges, which, will you advice Jonathan to take care of first and why?

Nneka Ngene: Security. We are at least trying to do every other thing ourselves: power, education, jobs,etc. But should security is a priority.

OpinionNigeria: Thank you so much for your time Nneka Ngene. We appreciate your candidness.

That, is Nneka Ngene’s view, what’s your own view?





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  1. I love what Nneka has been up to lately. We need more young revolutionary minds. I’m proud to say she’s an alumnus of my secondary school (Jephthah Comp. Port Harcourt).

    Nma Nazzy
    September 11, 2014 at 11:26 am