Is Manchester United still the Lion in the Jungle?

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Is Manchester United still the Lion in the Jungle?


The city of Manchester in North of England houses arguably the two greatest clubs in the league; Manchester United and Manchester City. The red devil as they are popularly called have known success over the years, engineered by the famous legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who in his capacity as an authority and specialist in mind-games once branded their city rival “the noisy neighbours”. The red half of Manchester, the most popular club in the world, 3 times champions of Europe, with twenty league cups and several other trophies in the EPL and the world. The red army have had something close to a roller-coaster in all front over the years, constantly over shadowing the light blue boys of Manchester City – it is more of a domineering effect.

But it seems the pendulum is about to swing in the direction of the blue half of Manchester. The light blue billionaires as they are called today after the Arab billionaires injected money into the club, which prompted Manchester City to go on a spending spree and bought anything on a boot, a pair of short and a shirt. They went on a massive project to build and rebuild and are still building the team to challenge for trophies in all front. They can be best described as the Real Madrid of England with arrays of stars both on the field of play and on the bench, they have measured up to their city rival, Manchester United. This season is characterized with changes in both side of the divide, both sides changed managers, with Manchester United changing their Chief Executive Officer, David Gill.

It is has become very obvious that the light blue billionaires are taking the shine out of Manchester United. I recall Sir Alex Ferguson warning the fans that Manchester City have come to stay and may never go away?!

Manchester City have been absolutely breath taking in the Premier League, scoring goals as if goals are going out of fashion but, their performance in Europe have left little to desire in the sight of fans considering that in spite of the troubles with their closest neighbours they are still going on strong in the champions league. Manchester City were this season knocked out of the UEFA champions league round of sixteen by FC Barcelona, losing both home and away, after making it out of the group stage first time in their history.

But before you go into any sort of conclusion, take some time to study this little stats between this two; both Manchester clubs have had 167 Manchester derby in the history of the clubs. Manchester United won 69 and Manchester City won 48 and they have had 50 draws recorded. The red devils have find it very difficult to negotiate a win against Manchester City at Old Trafford in the past 3 season with the latest defeat being a 3–0 loss to Man United, meaning Manchester City defeated their red half home and away this season under the tutelage of David Moyes.

The question will keep revolving, who is the best in the greater Manchester? Manchester United or Manchester City?