Islamophobia(Fear of Islam), How Bad Is It? -by Balogun Ishola

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Islamophobia(Fear of Islam), How Bad Is It?

Of all religion in the world, Islam is seen as the most violent. It encourages violence and advocates for disparity rather than unity and peaceful coexistence with other religion and its faithfuls. Today, one of the world’s most fatal terrorist attack in the history of mankind, the 9/11, was carried out by Islam faithfuls. The conflicts in Tunisia, Liberia, Libya, Syria, Palestine/Israel etc., and yeah, Nigeria, were all and still been carried out by Islam faithfuls. The World Trade Center bombing, in New York City that killed 6 people in 1993; the Air France Flight 8969 hijacking in Algiers by 3 members of Armed Islamic Group of Algeria and another terrorist that killed 7 people and 4 hijackers in 1994; the Khobar Towers bombing that killed 20 people and wounded 372 in 1996; the Luxor massacre at Deir el-Bahri, an archaeological site that got 62 people killed…in 2013 alone, the number of death from the hands of the Islamic faithfuls climbed as high as 78,540 people and 237,382 wounded.

Islamic fundamentalists has repeatedly launched terroristic attack in various nations to further a perceived Islamic religious or political cause. It has occurred globally, in practically every continent, including in Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, South and South-east Asia, South America, The Caucasus, The Pacific and North America. Terrorist organizations have been known to engage in tactics including suicide attacks, bombings, spree killings, hijackings, kidnappings, and beheadings.

The fear that individuals or groups worldwide have for the Islam faithfuls today, has increased beyond what it used to be. At the airport, they are double checked; in the airplane, people are unease with them being onboard; in the bus, they are stayed away from; in the classrooms or campuses, they are isolated. The treatment they receive from the hands of non-Islam faithfuls is nothing short of interesting. The cold treatment was never there before, it was triggered by their actions and inactions. It was brought about by their violence, their jihad and non-reciprocation of good deeds and acceptance.
The phobia for Islam is unquantifiable and the truth is, you don’t blame anyone for feeling insecure around Muslims considering their records in the past and today. The world still struggles to maintain peace because of the Muslims. Holy Qu’ran said that the death of one innocent person means the death of humanity, so translationally speaking, the death of innocents means the death of the entire humanity. Muslims are willing to kill in the name of Allah even though we know its not what Prophet Muhammed thought them.

Muslims who considers themselves good people feel angry for the treatment they receive in the hands of non-Muslim faithfuls. This is however, one thing they have to deal with until they device a means to turn around the feelings of the people and that must be done by speaking to the consciences of their people, those of them who practice the act of terrorism. The Islamic scholars allover the world must work hard to see that the perception of the people about them is changed. Unless this is done, Islamophobia will continue to rise, even higher than expected.

If you feel that a Muslim brother, sister, groups be it from within or outside, speak strongly about it, condemn it with strong words so the rest of the world will know you detest the act and that it is not in accordance to the Holy Books’ teachings. If you don’t do that, live will be made miserable for you and others who are innocent.