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With the rumors flying around about the illness of the first lady, coupled with the numerous national crisis and the impeachment threat by the National Assembly, it is obvious that it’s overwhelming for our dear President and I will not be surprise if one day Nigerians wake up to hear the announcement that Mr president is resigning his office. Psychology is a thing of the mind and of the brain, but mostly concentrated on the mind, people are different, some have fragile mind while some can take things on the chin without quivering but we all know that sooner or later those kind of people tend to crack under pressure. President Jonathan is already cracking under pressure.

We heard from a reliable source that the first lady’s return to the country will not be anytime soon, with rumors going around the country that her suffering is as a result of food poisoning, which made me to wonder who will sneak into Presidential villa to poison her excellency, the first lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Some are of the opinion that it’s a surgical operation, the type our erstwhile President’s wife, Late Stella Obasanjo went for, while others say is a cancer of the lungs. Which ever one it is, we at the stable of OpinionNigeria are wishing her quick recovery and safe trip back home.

Considering Mr President docile nature and frailty right now, do we honestly think the president is in his right state of mind to govern the country, judging by the decision he has made and so many wrong calls? I wouldn’t blame him, its his better half we are talking about, those who has been or are in a cracked relationship will cherish every bit of the information here. The emotional torture and trauma he will be going through right now is better experienced than talked about for better understanding of the situation.
For the president to effectively represent a country as unique as Nigeria, a country of over 168 million people, with over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages both locally and internationally he has to be hundred percent focused and must at all time pay attention to every little detail. Last few weeks the president has to cut short his visit to four African countries, just to rush to Europe, Germany to be precise to visit his wife, the first lady, in the middle of discussion and presidential banquet held in his honour. At this tendrils state, will other nation, political giants and sycophants take advantage of Mr. President? Because if it does happen, Nigeria will worst for it.
In other to get the president’s mind back into the mix of things in the country, we have to pray fervently, with everyone holding tenaciously to their faith and pray for quick recovery of Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan, otherwise we have to do what the Americans will do at this time, which is “invoke the 25th amendment” meaning the president must vacate his office to go take care of his wife.