It’s a compliment that kills the cat

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This is indecent dressing, and not fashion or whatever.

This is indecent dressing, and not fashion or whatever.

Every lady wants to be told of how amazingly beautiful they are and how lucky a guy will be for having them by there side. None of them, the ugly ones inclusive, wants to be told how for example, badly dressed they are or how heavy the makeup they apply is. Tell a lady that she looks awful in her dressing and you’d get the worst insult of your live.

One thing they don’t understand is that we only get better by allowing ourselves to be objectively criticized. Most people never want to be told how badly dressed they are. All guys do on facebook and other social networking sites is praise and hail ladies whether or not they are in the right spot of the stuff they praise or hail them on.

What would make ladies so happy and consider you one of their good friends on any of these social networks is if anytime you see them or their picture updates, to tell them how perfect they appear on the launched dress. If you do that, it would be very nice though, but don’t they think they are being fooled? It’s just like coming up with what you consider, “a ground breaking idea or concept”, and everyone supports it with not even a single person criticizing it or asking questions about it, at the end, or maybe during implementation, that idea or concept might have a very big problem simply because the person who would have mentioned the problem from the beginning through objective criticism, did not only because he/she wants to fall under your sweet book.

Most ladies walk the streets naked today thinking they are classly styled. Some even climb on a very high-heel shoes and walk very uncomfortably all in the name of style. Many others put on hair styles they makes them look like Super Eagle’s Ahmed Musa.

First, don’t see my analysis or criticism as negatively implored, if you can dot the i’s and cross the t’s, then you’d see my points. My point is a simple one, if a lady is uglilly dressed, there is no need in trying to patch things up by telling her she looks amazingly hot, tell her she dressed bad and needs to improve on her dressing or makeup skills. For example, I know that sometimes I dress awful, in as much as am a guy, I still try as hard as I can to patch myself up even without anyone telling me, and if they do tell me, I will feel bad but not offended like most of the ladies do.

Looking good they say, is a good business. I will suggest to those ladies who are guilty of this to reduce one or two steps on the too many substance they apply on their face as well as dress responsibly because only in that way, will a good and responsible man come their way. And for the guys, please, enough of the negative compliments, you musn’t get on every ladies pants, it doesn’t make sense.