Kenneth Okonkwo: “Nollywood Protagonist of Occult Demoniacal Series” -By J. Ezike

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Kenneth Okonkwo in 2015 as a PDP supporter and promoter.

As for the announcement of Buhari’s sainthood by the “impolitic house Negro of the family” what better or more suitable epilogue could be scribbled to the “Living in Bondage” story of that diabolical child of indigence who willfully has sold his soul to the Prince of Darkness and “taken a high seat amongst the demons of the land.”

If Kenneth Okonkwo’s intention was to cross the picket line between himself and his moral and psychological rapacity for a clinch of the totem that affords a far-fetched dream, then his mission is totally dead on arrival because he neglects to mention however subtly at an objective frame of reference “Buhari’s” merits by which we, the Igbo people, may applaud the actions of his totalitarian regime and make obsequious provision for another episode of the unspeakable atrocities that still lingers with unfaltering resilience.

In his gospel: Buhari is the Moses sent by the Divine to lead the Igbo people out of the wilderness. Such logic devoid of sanity fatally compromises the clear-cut ideology and demand of the Igbo nation that he identifies as the basis of his election into office as the Governor of Enugu State. Whether referring to morals or tribe, “the glaring Islamization agenda” to which “Buhari” straddles unveils the desire of the Fulani jihadist to enthrone itself on Igbo soil and diminish all that once impedes and disputes the legitimacy of its agenda.

By foregrounding the theme of Buhari’s innocence, Kenneth Okonkwo, in a sense, spits on the grave of his distant kinsmen whose lives were violently cut short, whose Eden got razed to the ground and whose humanity is deemed less – inferior to cud chewing animals – by his beloved Buhari. The principle of greed being constitutive of Nigerian politics is displayed most forcibly in Kenneth Okonkwo’s actions.

The relationship with the Sokoto Caliphate’s conquest plan and slavish obeisance that Kenneth Okonkwo have demonstrated encompasses the historical ordeals of the Igbo nation’s inhabitants. Certainly, Kenneth Okonkwo appears to go to extreme avarice by dancing in the cult that worships the devil’s erection. He does this wild disco with the villainy of a professional lunatic on a politics stalked by relentless evil. He comes through to us not only as a bald scoundrel but one holding an enshrined malediction and satanic tidings. His sycophantic campaign for Buhari as the best president of this malformed space adds echo to the regimes of lies told by past political characters of PDP, APC and other delinquent parties.

It is important to note that Kenneth Okonkwo, prostituting as ever with his politics, is concerned not so much about the Igbo people, or good governance but a portion of the purloined treasury. Thus, greed becomes as performative as betrayal, in that it creates the impression of service that validates and normalizes mediocrity and wickedness.

The kind of betrayal espoused here by this “Nollywood’s Protagonist of Occult Demoniacal Series” pierces through the heart of the entire Igbo nation. This extraordinary “Iscariot” who marred his celebrated reputation in arts and drama for a life of dishonorable service to Hausa-Fulani hegemonic control epitomizes the prevalent culture of maggoty, deep-seated decay in the leadership of the South-East.