Let this corruption in Nigeria go round.

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Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb from birth but despite her misfortune, she was one of the greatest people ever lived on earth and she wrote this; “The only thing worst than being blind is having sight but no vision”. There is an invisible third factor that comes into the situation when one can engage his brains in crisis time. It goes beyond physical sight, it is the power of vision; it helps one see opportunities in trials, challenges and unpalatable situations. Any leader without this attribute is incapable of handling life’s complications and as such, cannot lead a nation right. This, is the simple reason why Nigeria is where she is today, series of visionless and incapable leaders, eyed but blinded by shortsight, shortsight that only sees how the instrument of corruption can best be applied.

Call it a waste of time and I’d say you are not faraway from the truth. Before now, i always go to bed thinking of how possible it is to solve the problem of corruption in the country, I’d make compelling arguments, drawing up analysis using available data within my range, but at the end of it all, one thing stands out – that we can never solve the problem of corruption until it becomes a collective thing. Collective in the sense that everyone has to be a partaker of the transformation. As it stands today, only few Nigerians are stiring the boat of transformation, and this very few are not from the corridors of power.

I grew up hearing my parents talk and complain of corruption in the country, simply meaning that they must have heard their own parents talk and complain of the same corruption. It clearly spells one thing to me, that corruption as far as Nigeria is concern, is a generational thing. Is one thing that have remained unchanged from one generation to another. It has eaten deep into the fabrics of our system, has retarded the national growth we ought to have been experiencing right from the day of independence. Young or old, small or big, rich or poor, man or woman, they leave home every single day thinking of the best strategy to apply to enhance the already existing corruption in the country. From where i stand, our leaders have remained steadfast in this area, they have been exceptionally remarkable in this call, the call to corrupt.

Recently, someone told me that every country of the world, Nigeria in particular is messy enough, that what it needs is unification. That leadership has to be taken over by someone with complete control. That until the people being victimized by their government or leaders as the case maybe, wakes up to the reality that they stand a huge chance of losing their birth place, their century and personal existence if nothing is done to change the status quo. Individuals of all kinds, classes and callings, have been fighting day and night, to see that the corruption in Nigeria becomes a thing of the past, to see that they take back their land and return it to its supposed position. But, in as much as i believe that a small number of well determined and committed people can make a difference in the world, what will “a few” without “power” do in the midst of corrupt multitudes with power?

Holding on to the above stated facts, i felt that the best way out of the messy ground that we are in right now is, to join hand, not to fight corruption to a stand-still, but to support and practice it in full. Perhaps open a school for it and allow people go for trainings, legalize it and make it a compulsory program for any Nigerian, without a per-requisite whatsoever, for easier access. My proposition landmarks that, by the time everyone has fully immerse themselves in it and we have no way out, with its symptoms showing outwardly so much so that other countries will want to have nothing to do with us, then, we will together, try to figure a way out of the mess.

This is my opinion as regards the corruption in Nigeria today, what do you have to say concerning this proposal?



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  1. This tribute is to the memory of those who have died due to corruption
    Corruption! Corruption!! Corruption!!!
    A way-ward child born after independence
    You have caused agony and frustration even at birth
    O that I were your disciplinaraian father to give you hard stroke of the cain
    O that I were an uncompromising traditionalist village head to banish you forever from our village for the sacrilege in our land
    O that I were a fiery judge to sentence you to life imprisonment, sorry to capital punishment for your unpardonable felony
    O that I were Death to snatch you with my cold hands into the grave as you are not fit to live among humans
    O Corruption obituary rest in peace(RIP)

    project Nigeria
    January 24, 2013 at 1:25 pm