Maximizing the year 2013 through mentorship.

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For a moment, imagine a lifetime game, where you are just given less than 3 hours to take a single decision. This decision could result to you becoming extremely successful and if you choose wrongly, you could become hopelessly poor and a failure.

But fortunately, you have an underground agent who understands the game and is willing to show you the secret code to make the right decision that could result to you becoming overnight success.

At that point, you have another critical decision to make, whether to accept his assistance or reject it. If you find yourself in that crucial point of making a life turnaround decision, what will you do?

Yet in less than 3 hours, individuals who would step into 2013 would be divided into two camps:

Camp # 1: Those who have an idea of where they want to be… and a simple but workable plan that they can quickly put into ACTION to get there; (probably handed over to them by the secret agent)

Camp # 2: Every other persons… those “what will be will be” individuals, overwhelmed with life anxiety, crippled by inaction and have no clue of what tomorrow holds for them.

What camp do you belong to, camp # 1 or camp # 2? One of the fastest ways to success is having a mentor, one who will guide you and show you the way to success. Many have wasted their time, claiming to struggle and hustle without having focus, a direction and plan.

The truth of the matter is that the year 2012, come few hours from now, will be a closed chapter and we will never see it again in our advancement. The decisions we have made, be it individually, or as a group in this closing year 2012 has impacted on us, negatively or positively.

About 95% of the problems and troubles we experienced in 2012 were caused by us, in Nigeria and all around the world. Millions of people lost their lives; men, women, children, old and young. We can stop this by making the right decision, by joining the right moving vehicle, the best camp.

Remember, as a day passes, we draw closer to old age… plan your life and make something good out of 2013.