Monstrous NIS Recruitment That Claimed Lives: The Right Thing To Do.

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This is a comprehensive list of how the NIS available job vacancy positions were distributed: David Mark, the Senate president was awarded 250 slots, Deputy Senate president got 120 slots, every other Senator in the National Assembly got an even share of 10 slots each. The House of Representative Speaker, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, was given 150 slots, his deputy got a 100 slots, and the rest of the other Honourable Members got 3 slots each. Others (i.e, Directors, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Head of Service etc) had 2 slots each. These category of over favoured Nigerians who has kept other Nigerians, those who may be far better qualified than they do, will not be in attendance for the aptitude test at the national stadium and most surprisingly, some may not even apply for the jobs in the first place or interested in the job but, they will eventually receive their employment letter by mail or hand delivery in their homes.

Over the years the NFF and Sports Minister have tried without success to get Nigerians to the National Stadium to come out in mass for support of the Super Eagles of Nigeria or even the NPFL teams not knowing that someday it will come in disguise in the form of Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment, perhaps NFF and the rest of the gang should adopt NIS method to attract people to the national stadia to watch the national side play. The NIS monstrous recruitment recorded at least 8 dead applicants, over forty injured applicants in FCT, similar number if not more were also recorded in other locations around the country.

Fellow Nigerians, by this I mean the ordinary masses, do not curse your luck, or ever regret being a graduate, because as the day goes by it become more clearer that it is not your course of study nor your qualifications that keeps you at distant with your dream job, but the act of corrupt leaders who are also legislating the list of people to be employed. A strong Intel from the presidency has it that the 3,000 vacant positions announced by NIS through the ministry of interior, had only 6 positions left for the ordinary Nigerians without godfather to jostle for, the rest 2,994 have been alloted to the high and mighty in the society, the decision makers.

Have eyes ever beheld such a sanguineous sight all in the name of recruitment? Ask a secondary school child to give meaning to the not so popular phrase, ‘mans inhumanity to man’ and that child need not to consult any search engine nor go into deep research to convince the teacher just by mere description of the event that took place at the main bowl of Abuja National Stadium, is enough to give the student an ‘A+’. The national stadium that was built to contain approximately 65000 people ended up with over 78000 people, all jostling for 3000 vacant positions which unknown to them, has been reduced to 6 –no sigh of relief yet because, the 78000 applicants is for a single location, wait till you get the gist of other locations since it’s a nation wide recruitment. Now, more than ever before I have begin to pay attention to those who have overtime come to conclusion that the act of Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and the unemployment uprise are all ploy by the people in the government to reduce Nigeria’s population.

The question on the lips of every Nigerian right now is, could this death and injuries inflicted by the NIS recruitment exercise have an effect on the Nigerian people? I can bet my last dime to state that it could. There are other possible ways to avert this gory sight that both parents and children witnessed today. Nigeria Immigration Service should have adopted 4-5 days recruitment exercise method or better still, put the applicants in batches assigning separate time to the applicants, if this is not a plan to cut cost at the expense of human lives. Even after the incidence, applicants remained in their various locations, showing great enthusiasm to work and serve their fatherland with all intent and purposes, meaning it is not laziness that has characterized the Nigerian graduates inability to secure a job, but the unavailability of the jobs.

Job seekers, it is time to address this menace that have eaten deep into the bone marrow of this great nation. What is the way forward Nigerians?