#MyFreedomDay: Nigerians And Their Strange Love For Their Oppressors -Omagbitse Barrow

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Nigerians were gifted a wonderful chance at BREAKING free from the shackles of poverty and the strangle-hold of the rogue political class that have held sway for years through the recently concluded general elections.

Today, as we celebrate MyFreedomDay, the same set of visionless and ill-intentioned politicians are picking up their Certificates of Return as Senators and Members of the House of Representatives to spend another 4 years lording it over the people who they “bribed” to vote for them. Infact, many of the electorate voted for these people without knowing who they were or even knowing their manifestos and plans – all in the maddening fight between APC and PDP at the expense of the common man. Another 4 years of slavery and impoverishment in exchange for some small amounts of money and food, facilitated by many of us acting as middle-men in these illicit transactions.

Omagbitse Barrow

In the old slave trade, our leaders took mirrors, gun powder, snuff and money to sell us cheap. In this modern slavery in Nigeria, the people actually sell themselves, collect the money and gifts and remain impoverished and indebted to the rogue political class. This process will no doubt lead to bad governance and further bondage for our people.

Most disappointing are the educated and exposed Nigerians who we believe should know better – many of them not collecting or facilitating this evil of voter inducement but passively participating in it by actually going out to vote for political parties who are neck- deep in this mess and trying to justify their choices even when there were many alternatives available to them – feeding on the frenzy, fear and hype perpetuated by the evil politicians and their parties.

We will have to postpone #MyFreedomDay in Nigeria until that day that Nigerians will reject politicians and political parties who offer nothing more than cheap inducements.

For me and those who share a vision for the Nigerian renaissance we will spend every day organizing, mobilizing and working towards #Freedom for our people

Omagbitse Barrow
Abuja, Nigeria.


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