Nelson Mandela never supported Same-Sex Marriage!

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My initial plan was to let this particular topical issue go. I was going to stay mute about it and pretend of it’s non-existence. However, the current wave of misconception calls for clarity, redirection and realignment of thoughts or ideas as the case maybe. As much as i have many reservations on the person of NELSON MANDELA, there wasn’t a time in history that Mandela backed SAME-SEX marriage. He never did and will never again in this life time. The currugated minds of those who rose the flag of SAME-SEX marriage are clustered by evil. These Western leaders are bringing up such a line because the person in question is no more and cannot defend himself, but i can and shall do so on his behalf.

What Mandela worked hard to achieve for the people of South Africa amongst other things, is the “Freedom of Association” and it has a definition. That the Black man, woman and children in South Africa can live free to belong to any ‘body’ (association) without fear, and same thing goes for the whites who lives there. It is plain and simple in text, context and in nature so the promoters of this heidous allegation should restock their product and throw it into a pit because, it will not in any way help the dirty cause they are fighting for.

A friend of mine in Nigeria said he don’t think anyone should be jailed for same-sex marriage. Is okay for the law not to recognize them but JAIL!? That’s a little too far, they ain’t worse than the corrupt politicians and law enforcement agents we have everywhere.
Let me break it down for him, Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t wiped out because the leaders was corrupt… corruption is human weakness manifested in greed, selfishness and wickedness against another. This however, does not morally impart on anyone. It is so bad that you can’t walk the streets of most foreign countries without having your heart cringe at the aborminations that filled the atmosphere. Now, they are exporting it to Africa. Even Christians are seduced to go easy on the act. Does it not even hurt our imagination? This is not a thing you would want your children to deal with. How would you explain that to your child? “Your uncle is married to Mr Jonas”.

My take on this has always been a simple one, it is insane and satanic to practice such. In fact, it is a characteristic defect that unbalanced the living system as creation detects. Practicers of such should go for councelling as well as forgiveness and the media should let Nelson Mandela rest in peace not in confusion.

This, is how i see it!