Nigerian educational system is far better than that of UK!

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“We need to emphasize to Nigerians that no matter what, home is the best. It is where we should all be…” those were the words of a Nigerian parents who instead of allowing their child to study in the UK where they have lived and still lives for 37 years, they brought her to Nigeria for a proper education.

I am mostly certain of the numerous questions that might be running down your minds right now, some of which will be in the line of, ‘what manner of education in Nigeria could really and truly surpass that of the United Kingdom?’ well here is your answer, education in the UK is good, I mean very good, world class and all that you can think of but, is that all there is to quality education? I don’t think so, there is the moral value and understanding of the Nigerian culture that should come with quality education and that my friends, are the single most important reason this Nigerian parents brought home their child to be trained in the Nigerian way.

Every year, thousands of Nigerians trip into many foreign countries, UK, US, Canada etcetera, for one academic studies or the other. This is a good thing considering the advanced nature of education they offer. But one thing is certain, these countries that many Nigerians run to, lack something that has rub them of their sanity – moral values, an attribute they every day wish they have kept intact. Day in day out they Google about Nigeria and how Nigerian parents has managed over the years, to instill moral values to their children, inculcate discipline in them to groom better children. This, eludes them and this is where the Nigeria educational system beats theres.

Your child or children may be born in foreign land, but never fail to bring them home, never fail to make them know and understand what education or life in Nigeria feels like. They can further their education in foreign countries but first, should have a good grasp of where they came from and how life is lived. The importance of respect and essence of culture.