Nigerians, It’s Time We Hit The Airwaves

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Nigeria, lets hit the airwaves

Thank God for technological advancement. If you are born in this age, understanding the difference between then (the days of our ancestors) and now could be so great a challenge. That time, you had no right to your own entertainment except you were king and news was carried by one ragged man who was second to the king only in attracting attention. If you missed the news, you either had to go ask your neighbor or wait for the gossips that followed the news. You dare not miss festivals, else you missed a chance too few to listen to good music and be entertained.

Times have changed. Our dispensation has seen unparalleled development with music now hitting us feverishly. We get the news at our fingertips, entertain ourselves from the comfort of our living room with super high definition screens and these days we can get to watch in three dimension and we are not stopping there. The rave for space in the airwaves is going gaga especially with the seemingly high profitability of the venture. Who wouldn’t be glad having that great voice on radio, or being the cynosure of all eyes on TV? Everyone does have this desire but not everyone get the chance at it. A good reason is the quantum training that is required before one is considered fit for the job.

In the airwaves of life, only a few voices get to be heard, a handful faces get to be seen, and why not yours? Why celebrate others when you can be that voice and that face we should be listening to, watching on TV, viewing on the internet, and reading on newsprints. Haven’t you thought of these?

As much as many persons desire to hit the airwaves, just a handful does. Often, talent and inherent ability are the prerequisite for selection in an audition. Crowds gather at an audition but the selectors look out for the difference makers; those whose talent stand them out. What’s your inherent talent? Have you discovered that great thing you are good at. If you have, that’s great, but if you’ve not, then your work begins now. There is that specialty of yours that stands you out ahead of others even when you are not putting in all you can. That’s your selling point; develop it.

Some persons may not have the knack, but determination to succeed drives them. They see what they want and though they might lack ability, they do not lack the ferocity to act. They develop themselves towards an opportunity at the airwaves. It’s not often easy for them but they often beat the hurdles and manage to stand up head high. What you lack in skill, replace with rugged determination, and your determination will develop the skills.

While talent and skill may be great, you still have to get some training from masters who have had their turn at the airwaves of life. Though inside you lies all the talent, it has to be developed for effectiveness. You are aware that diamond will still be diamond without the cutting but it’s never going to shine without cutting. Those who are very much familiar with shining sparkling diamond (a majority of humans) would find it difficult recognizing an uncut diamond. You may have skill and talent but you need the help of renowned trainers to help mold you into what your talent has fashioned for you. That’s why you have all the art, music, and TV schools. With each passing day, your skill improves and you step into the wider view of the world with a bang. You become the gist of the town. While you have reached that status of acclaim, the major challenge often, which is the fallout of many greats is the ability to stay up there and push. It’s not so easy. You have to be creative with new ideas knowing that behind you is a crowd who are striving to outdo you. To stay ahead you have to create the head.

Being an heralded voice or face attracts its downside too. All the paparazzi and “your life now a mirror phenomenon” hit you. Some persons quiver at these, the reason why superstars are the victims of suicides. Understand that with a higher life comes a higher expectation from you. Everyone is peeking at you, the one they’ve come to consider as model. You sure need to model your life in the right light as an example.

Now it’s time you hit the airwaves. I hope you have had your script rehearsed. Complacency could be very disastrous so be prepared. You can have the air.


Samuel Ufot Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria. As a teacher, motivator, and writer, he writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation.  connect on twitter @inyang21 and, +2347062809301