Oscar Pistorious freedom does not endanger anyone in South Africa

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Oscar Pistorious and deceased girlfriend

Oscar Pistorious and deceased girlfriend

I have earlier said on one of the social networks that South Africans are not yet fed up with their country’s leadership style and the voilent way of life many live in the country. Oscar Pistorious , popularly called the “Blade Runner, the fastest man on no legs etc.”, has been granted freedom on bail to await trial on pre-meditated murder of his girlfriend. That statement is the headline making wave around the globe right now. Call it whatever you may, my opinion is my opinion and has every right to stand. Oscar Pistorious freedom does not endanger anyone in the country as almost everyone in South Africa is already in danger even before Oscar’s action.

South Africa is a country where no one day passes by without someone getting murdered, at least, 50 murder cases are recorded daily in South Africa. It’s a country where there are too many laws but too little adherance to those laws. If you have been to South Africa, you will agree with me that it’s a place not worth living in, mostly as a foriegner, as your life is very much not safe.

Everyone jumps out to blame Oscar for whatever they presume he has done, but no one has come up to boldly speak of the ills, corruption, voilence, indecency and other numerious negativity going on in the country. Oscar is only a victim of the resultant effect of the country’s productions. if you a non-South African, living in Sout Africa, working and perhaps, successful in South Africa, you are not allowed to ask questions, to exercise a right, to own properties etc.

My conclusion and view is simple and straight on this one, Oscar Pistorious may be guilty of the murder, but the real guilt, goes to South African leaders who has continually allowed corruption, voilence and there likes to persist and thrive even in the midst of normalcy.