Preview Of The Nigeria We Will Know In 2030!!! -By Kay Toye

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You may call me a Prophet of doom, I really don’t care. I have to deliver my message, since we feel leadership is a concept we should treat with levity. I have just seen into 2030 and what I saw was frightening and terrifying.

I saw looters enjoying proceeds of their looting, and their kids controlling industries that were not even in Nigeria. I saw them putting people in positions of power, to rule in the stead of their master.

I saw them feeding Nigerians with crumbs from the masters table.

I saw them using money meant to fund educational institutions to finance their children’s education abroad. I saw darkness in the place of light. I saw power output being less than the 5,000MW that we struggle to sustain presently. I saw delusioned youths, graduates with degrees as high as PhDs roaming the streets with nothing to offer.


Kay Toye

I saw fathers watching helplessly as they could not feed their families. I saw more than 150 million Nigerians living below N200 per day. I saw over 5 million graduates fighting for a single space of vacancy. I saw 37 million almajiris scattered along Nigeria’s streets.

I saw fat governors arguing why they can’t pay 67, 000 naira minimum wage. I saw medical students selling carcasses of patients for money.

I saw 42 million youths who are internet fraudsters. I saw citizens raising prostitutes in place of daughters, thugs in place of sons.

I saw people seeking emancipation for resource control while the federal government waged war to subdue them. I saw them talking about diversification with absolutely no actions, as they have always done. I saw pastors buying more private jets and the frightening reality of imams following suit.

I saw senators proposing 60 million naira bulletproof cars with 6 police officers attached to a senator.

I saw 75 million Nigerians struggling for Visas to leave Nigeria for Canada, USA and European countries.

I saw Benin republic issuing visas to Nigerians before entering their country. I saw Nigerians been mocked in Africa. I saw Western countries sending Nigerians back home with paid tickets.

I saw Rwanda and Ghana sending ‘expatriates’ to Nigeria. I saw Niger supplying crude oil to North East.

I saw insecurity at is peak, I saw militia groups rising from regions to regions.

The above refers to a preview of the Nigeria we will know in 2030 if we don’t solve our leadership problems right now.

If we allow this same crop of leaders to lead us, then we might as well get used to the reality of Nigeria we will come to know.

Nigeria will officially be recognized as a failed state…a damning fall for a state once known as the Giant of Africa.

Kay Toye
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