Public Officials: Where The Problem Lies.

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Jeff Okoroafor

Jeff Okoroafor


Cutting down on the number of aides and convoys of public officials -Governors, Deputy Governors, Senators, Honourables, Ministers etc, will save Nigeria billions of naira, which in turn can be used to solve other revolving issues such as poor education system, inefficient and almost none existing healthcare system, poor road network, insufficient water and power supply etc.

Today in Nigeria, the type of public officials one sees, rides in convoys of not less than 10 to 20 exotically expensive cars, each costing nothing less than 9 – 10 million naira. Same thing happens in all the 36 States of the federation plus the FCT. Do the math yourself and you’d see the billions that goes into just one aspect of the numerous luxury lives of public officials, individuals that represents poor people, and serving in a DEVELOPING COUNTRY.
While a single public official is busy squandering this billions, there are children who dropped out of schools because their parents haven’t been paid salaries. President Buhari must expunge from his administration, these type of people as they are up to no good and will only compound our already stressed economy -no thanks to former President Goodluck Jonathan and his team.

The single most greatest factor in determining the legitimacy of any leader, governments or institutions, either public, private or non-governmental, is the amount of confidence the Citizens have in them. Your guess is as good as mine in this regards, therefore, Nigerians must constantly demand for Accountability, Transparency, Equity and Justice from their leaders, the time of ‘I don’t care, its not my business’ have gone and this new government must be constructively be engaged if they must govern well.