Questions for Daddy Freeze – on RCCG and Pastor Adeboye -By Nneka Okumazie

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If RCCG and Pastor Adeboye are responsible for the poverty across Nigeria, who allowed this happen? State governments, local governments, or the federal government; universities, investors, or the private sector?

If RCCG and Pastor Adeboye are brainwashing people in their Church, what has this made people become? People who do not go to work, or students who do not read for exams, or adults who are not responsible for themselves and their actions?

If RCCG and Pastor Adeboye are praying for Nigeria, why not take appropriate actions as an alternative? Why can’t they do conflict resolution research, rather than pray – in Faith – for peace; why can’t they do consulting work for government instead of praying for wisdom for leaders?

Why should RCCG collect tithes, offering and first fruit in Church, is it not a scam? Are there examples of these kinds of giving in the New Testament, is the giving somehow not voluntary because they ask people to do it, some people give and are not prosperous – is that not a scam?

RCCG Church branches are everywhere, are they not all business centers? Aren’t churches responsible for the failures of whatever was there before they opened; all the factories that are supposed to open in Nigeria, haven’t the Church taken all their spaces?

The first parts of the questions above are some of the principal of arguments of daddy freeze against the Church, especially RCCG. To him, the Church is more than responsible for anything everywhere including the Nigerian factor. Also, for him, any news can be linked as a negative – of the Church and the Pastor.

Nigeria’s Enlightened

Something revealing of the purblind campaign of daddy freeze is the amount of the so-called ‘brightest Nigerians’ who agree with him.

This group – on social media – who should be exposed and experienced also sees the Church as a problem. If they actually believe what they say, no matter their professional experience – they are overrated and not exceptional. They only know what anyone else would know – given similar opportunities.

Nigeria has a ton of major problems, the Church does not even cross any line for most of it, yet haters say Churches are the problem.

Electricity is not connected to the Church. Infrastructure is not connected to the Church. Cheap food for all is not connected to the Church. Transcendent education – nationally – is not connected to the Church.

Small business loan, yes, is not connected to the Church. Portable water supply is not connected to the Church. Road safety, new roads, road expansion and yes, traffic solutions are not connected to the Church.

Employment and labor laws are not connected to the Church. Investment and Technology are not connected to the Church. Legislation is not connected to the Church. Police or SARS is not connected to the Church. Civil service strikes are not connected to the Church.

Social – Optional

Appropriate or abused, Christianity is too optional to hinder the progress of Nigeria in anyway. Major problem areas are not optional – hindering progress – not churches.

A true Church is for Hope, Faith, and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. The Church, as part of Faith, can be a house of prayer; can be a place for the soul, for optimism, for mind balance, as a hobby, as a habit, as Christianity lifestyle and as part of one’s purpose.

True Churches are NOT responsible for development, and are NOT the basis for underdevelopment. Welfare is not the purpose of the Church, but can be a channel towards their mission.

Christ did not come to the earth to feed 5000 people. The Apostles were not running a meal redistribution program. They were not the government, and feeding was not their purpose. They had to do it within their mission – of salvation, holiness, righteousness, baptisms and evangelism.

True Churches have always had a welfare department, they do what they can. No matter how much, there’s limit to the general impact they can have – if the country is interminably underdeveloped.

Haters always say free schools, but there are free rubbish schools. There are also branded, packaged and expensive – worthless – schools in Nigeria. Nigeria is seeking educational models to spark smartness for solutions and real nation building, not free or expensive, or for knowledge of argot to intimidate.

Limit, or refine, or allow expansion of, true Churches in Nigeria, it will still have far less impact to development of the country, than purposes before people from Mondays to Fridays.

As big as Nigeria is, it is very difficult to number projects and solutions going directly at the major problems – for lasting solution.

Not something aimless somewhere, remote from actual solution, but done to keep up appearances or activities, or just to make money.

Some offices are responsible for the major problems and solutions in Nigeria. They are working, earning, doing projects, but are solving nothing; yet, everything is on the Church.

A few weeks back, an individual on social media called daddy freeze by his first name, he responded and said they are not that familiar to address him that way. Yet, he addresses Pastor Adeboye of RCCG by his first name on social media.

He said Christians can go to nightclubs – he quoted Deuteronomy, OK. But he said Christians are not under the law, and he would accept nothing from the Old Testament.

The Epistles often says flee, be ye not, etc. So whatever nightclubs are meant for, it is not a place for the Fruits of the Spirit.

Daddy freeze said RCCG should not pray against cancer, but should fund research into cancer, and he cited Finland as leading the world’s cancer research and that they are tad religious, OK.

Just to be able to do cancer research can be insignificant. Doing is not the pride of scientific research.

Tens of billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research globally since 1971, yet no cure, so that RCCG or their university should jump in – nominally, makes no sense.

There can be promising leads after doing preliminary research, yes, but there are even simpler researches, close to home for solutions in the country that are rarely done.

RCCG’s university has a genomics center – with projects on virology. If they have good leads in oncology they can try, but the Church should pray in earnest against the disease.

A report recently said Lagos is one of the worst cities in the world to live in, daddy freeze blamed the Church. The Church is not the state government, and the Church – no matter their number – is small relative to buildings, places, activities and businesses across the state.

Some celebrities often rush to support his posts on social media over hatred for the Church and Pastors. But many of the recent waves of the music industry in Nigeria are empowered by proceeds from internet fraud. Yet, no one talks about it. The vulgar lyrics and meaningless songs too are not a problem; it is the Church.

The only thing daddy freeze and his supporters want to achieve in their life is to argue with others over what widow’s mite is or is not, or what it means to lay items at the Apostle’s feet, etc.; arguments that have no benefit to development in the country, or to anything at all.

The first time many of his supporters remember they should question authority is against the Church, OK. But, they’re questioning the optional: attendance or giving that is not contractual and freedom of choice. It is hate that has gripped them and they can’t think beyond daddy freeze, who can’t think beyond hate for Churches – and his parasitic fame.

Nigeria needs say fifty great projects and ideas – directly – against major problems in the country. To solve electricity cuts, tens of ideas directly at the problem – for solutions.

To solve unemployment, tens of – great – mass projects directly against the problem; to solve housing, tens of ideas; to solve waste management, traffic, hunger, no water supply, etc.; tens of ideas – directly against.


The Sham: daddy freeze

Daddy freeze is on a campaign of nihility and his knowledge is a link to a gopher hole. Daddy freeze’s views are high-risk stupidity infested invitation to contamination.

At any point, he has never made any single sensible argument on any topic. Nada! The ability to read something on the internet and add some words can fool his supporters but they carry zilch intellectual might.

Barking on social media is easy. Anyone can do it. It takes the keypad and the internet. All the campaign against all the Churches and Pastors since he started has changed nothing for development in Nigeria.

For his supporters who claim they are now enlightened because of him, there’s no need to hope they can use their ‘new freedom’ and intelligence to solve the major problems of Nigeria.

Daddy freeze advertises food on his social media. Maybe that is what his worthless campaign has been about. Unfortunately for him and his food, he failed.