Significance Of Eid l Kabir -By Tijani Abdulkabeer

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I join the Muslim faithful today in celebrating Eid l Adha fiesta. Indeed, this is a festival that started billion years ago to commemorate prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his only son but Allah ransom this son with a ram for overcoming this epic trial.

It is a joyous occasion which signifies total devotion to Allah and a proof of complete obedience to his will and commandment. This act of godliness calls for perpetual sober reflection,submission to the will of Allah and sincerity of purpose from all of us.

Unsurprisingly,the lesson from this act is mammoth. It teaches forbearance,hope and strong faith in Allah,we must have absolute sustainable belief and total submission to the will of Allah. Learning to give charity and love our neighbours, sustaining efforts towards propagating the kind of God-consciousness demonstrated by prophet Ibrahim.



I besiege my Muslim brothers and sisters to make use of this blessed month to seek for Allah’s mercy on the problems bedevilling us as a nation. What we need to acquire this monumental blessing is steadfastness and total commitment to the will of Almighty Allah and as well unquestioning surrender to Allah’s commandment in our daily activities.

What we are experiencing today in this nation,such as threat to security, battered economic, corruption in all ramification is as a result of belittling of Allah’s commandment,which as also been affecting cordiality among ethnic and religious groups.

On the final note,This country would grow only if we are fully devoted to Allah’s consciousness as demonstrated by Prophet Ibrahim(A.S).By doing this it would guarantee our sustainance and address problems confronting us as a nation with the eternal glorious.

Tijani Abdulkabeer writes from Ibadan and can be reached via:[email protected]