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A plea of mercy on Nigerians not to visit the sin of Nigeria on a Nigerian!

Changes they say is the only constant thing in life. Most a times, it has been known for persons to frustrate the advent of change just because they don’t want to lose the comfort of the present which they fear is dicey. But how can we possibly know better if we stick to the present good. So many Nigerians are fans of ignorance because they claim we no wan know, after all they have filled their hopes with “Nigeria don spoil finish, abi na mi go repair ram”. To no fault of many, I agree with that we have suffered a lot of disappointments from unscrupulous leaders in the past, who have offered us safe heavens in advance for our vote only to be presented a Pandora box when they step into position.

You will agree with me that statistics still horrifies many Nigerians. An attempt to use statistics to prove or drive home my message will still attract the usual cliché of the Nigerian masses that says; we wan see am korokoro for eyes. If seeing is believing then, it only baffles me the more why Nigerians more than ever in the history of this great nation seem to complain more, expect more and even criticize more. I have personally had to do a critical questioning on this trend. For the complaint aspect maybe we are still caught up in the euphoria of the passage of The Freedom of Information Bill (BIO) into law. For the expectation aspect, I can see that ‘to whom much is given much more is expected’. For the criticism aspect, I must tell you that it has left many more questions spawning out of my brains instead of begetting an answer. It is no longer a hidden fact presently, that our dear country in its entire existence has less insults and criticism than Mr. President in his less than three years in office.

I grew up from the 80’s to note that Nigerians use expressions like ‘our country Nigeria is useless’ at moments of their disappointments or frustration. What has shifted that popularity of citizen venting their disgust on the country onto the president is what I wish that Nigerians help me clarify? It is a common thing to hear on traffic in the metropolis of an angry bus driver who had been held by the jam, hissing with the accompanied statement; “Na for Jonathan time I see this kind stupid hold up oh”. This nonchalant use of our freedom-of-speech is a carelessness I wish to arrest by education.

The family of an average Nigerian is made up of the father, the mother and children in conjunction with other extended relatives. If many families in Nigeria cannot be proud to have leaved up to the demands of their nuclear circuit, how much do you expect of an individual in the person of Mr. President, who burden all the cumulative family lapses of Nigerians. Yet he strives in his strides but with wipes from all nock and crannies calling for him to meet up with the pace of Obama in one day. Jonathan is like the lead horse of a chariot, he sees clearer and knows the destination of where we are heading. At the same time he knows the limitation of the chariot, although he wants the best, he has to move at a pace that will carry many persons to Eldorado on safe mode. He is at a position where his decisions must massage the ego of the high and mighty while at the same time healing the wounds of the low and trampled.

The greed deposited on us by past regime will really take time to heal, this I know. Many persons will wish that, once I am not affected it is ok. Once I am not the one scarifying, it is for good but when it heats up or even pinch a little of my comfort then, all hell must let loose. I imagine who in this country has not passed through a single phase of hardship? So why are we so voracious with speeches at every single point of discomfort, even if it is intended for the national good and uplift? People will normally say, na today we dey hear news? Forget na wash, something is fishy! This logically implies that there still exist some ‘sect’ of Nigerians that believe nothing good can come from Nigeria and from any Nigerian, haba ci-ti-zi-nee?

Many regimes have gone by, with Nigerians minding their mouths with padlocks