The Evolution Of Deficit Thinking Leaders In Great IFE Students’ Union -By Bamidele Williams

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Bamidele Williams


The university’s name is muddled and brought to intellectual cloudiness. The hard-earned glory of the university students’ union is fast eroding, if not eroded.

For the very fist time. I felt so ashamed to be identified with Great Ife Students’ Union and the university at large.

This is not so with only me. But with many of the university students and the alumni at large.

It is a pity the degeneration is this deep. We now have evolution of deficit thinking leaders in great IFE students’ union.

The tenets of faith, ideologies and morality that propelled the Union to the pinnacle of success in record time has been successfully broken.

Unfortunately, unless we have appropriate leadership sooner, the inexorable decline will continue and the Nigerian mainstream politics of do-or-die will have to take clue from great IFE students’ union.

However, the two culprits involved in this abominable and arrant roguery act, the Union Vice-President and the Director of Socials must not go unpunished for bringing this monumental shame on the name of the university.

They must be appropriately and severely dealt with.

They have brought the Union shame that we did not bargain for.

The university students must rise up to this.

They shouldn’t be identified with the Union again haven shown the world that they lack one of the rudimental characteristics of a supposed leader; ability to control one’s emotion.

Bamidele Williams is the Convener of PigeonPost News Agency and he writes from his hometown, the largest city in West Africa with many kings.