The Impossibility of One Nigeria in Nigeria.

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Stating that Nigerians are upset about recent events in the country will definitely be an understatement. The truth is, Nigerians have gone past being upset and are now afraid. Large gathering is something many detest nowadays. Visiting fun loving places, driving through long traffic queue and conducting businesses in a big hotel is what they all avoid today due to the fact that, no one knows where the next hit from the dreaded Boko Haram group will be.

Again and again the government drop off LINE that says “Nigeria is getting better and stronger even in the midst of attack”, but the question is HOW SO? Nyanya was struck twice even with the presence of the army; over 200 school girls were abducted in broad day light from their hostels; Kaduna, Kano, and now Jos have suffered the Boko Haram hit, what then makes Nigeria better and stronger? When people cannot go about their usual businesses, when children are afraid of going to school or parents have accompany them with defense mechanism. How we’re getting better and stronger is something I’ve not been able to wrap my head around.

Every sector in the country, every resources in the country, everything in Nigeria is been dragged or contested on. The NORTH insist on getting back to power else everyone dies; the WEST want power but willing to dance on the stage of the winning group as long as they get noticed and placed, irrespective of whatever the odd could be; the EAST talk of marginalization and the urgent need to taste the seat of power, with no one talking about Nigeria and the Nigerian people, what’s good for them.

The situation in the country has reached a very troubling state, but the government still have the huge time to play politics and setup committees that never get workable results. There’s a naked truth staring us in the face which no one has deem fit to touch on -BREAK UP OF NIGERIA. The Hausas don’t want the Igbos and the Igbos don’t care whether or not the Hausas exist, same goes to the Yorubas in all these ethnic groups. They fight and kill one another. Waste lives and are about turning Nigeria into an African Afghanistan, instead of living together in fear, let us come together and decide whether or not we still wish to live as ONE NIGERIA.

I know that there are many of you who agrees with those who have called for a more forceful measure on the terrorist group attacking our nation. If i can’t alleviate your doubts, i can at least help you to understand my reasoning.

When i took the oath of office, i promise myself and to the Nigerian people, that this country will continue to be a force for good in this world. We’re a nation founded on ideals, and those ideals are been challenged today, and how we responds, will not only define this administration, but an entire generation. And not just Nigerians, but for anyone who looks to us for guidance and strength. I won’t fail them, and neither will you. We’re in for a tough time ahead, let’s make sure we are ready.