The Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs Omobola Johnson was wrong: Telecommunication masts are very harmful to human.

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In times past, i have made numerous comments on subjects relating to telecommunication mast and how harmful they could be to human. However, it appears that none of those comments ever got to some individuals, including our Communication Technology Minister who still believe that telecommunication masts is harmless.

Omobola Johnson said that there is no empirical evidence that telecommunication masts emit harmful substances. This is not true, there are millions of people today suffering adverse health effects from microwave transmitting telecommunications masts and cell-towers in the vicinity of their homes.

The reasons you don’t get to hear complaints relating to the hazardous effect of telecommunication masts is that most people affected by this radiation never know the cause, or who to report to, whether or not they should sue the company responsible. They often think is normal illness.

The hum and vibration done by the telecommunication masts leads to weakening of the ear drum, unbearable degree of physical symptoms, headache, nausea etc.

There are some individuals that are hyper sensitive to things around and within them, for that reason alone, they have become terribly sensitive to EMF, microwave emissions, cell phones, even changes in weather, mixing it with electro smog and heavy load of toxic metals produces results that make them totally incapacitated.

In 2004, the Irish Government allowed a Vodafone antenna mobile phone mast to be placed on the roof of a building seating 20 mitres away from another persons bedroom walls. When it was removed 3 years later, the man had developed EHS – a now chronic disability which has destroyed his life. He felt betrayed by his government whose duty it was and is to protect him.

Telecommunication companies are drowning people in radiation and they are in a state of complete denial on whether this masts and antennas have any negative health impact on the population. Credible scientific research shows that especially mobile phone mast radiation is harmful and people are suffering. Some people have even been forced to leave their homes after becoming ill from radiation.

So if Mrs Omobola Johnson -Minister of Communication Technology feels that telecommunication masts are not in any way harmful, let her move her building close to one in order to prove me wrong.