The Presidential Media Chat And The Exposition Of Sanusi’s True State.

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The open-space drama taking place in the polity of our nation today is one that calls on the attention of all and sundry. The big and small, most and less powerful are all pulled into the battle line even though the issue at hand is more personal than national. Constitutionally speaking yes, President Goodluck Jonathan does not have the right to suspend or sack the Central Bank governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi in accordance to the Central Bank’s act but, the clauses embedded in that same constitution as well as the act itself, activates the presidential power based on the interest of national security. We all know that its not a thing of today, Sanusi found himself entangled in the web of self-sufficiency and encompassing presidential power so much so that he became arrogant, mischievious and in an untouchable state or perhaps, saw himself invisible before the Nigerian people.

I have made a withdrawal to study the angle of the debate as regards this issue, and have seen what party belongs to who and who belongs to what party. As much as the entire drama is interesting because of the instruments in play, we must for now drop down our battle sticks and re-align ourselves with the major threat that this nation has not yet been freed from so maybe a solution can be found. Whether or not we want to hear it, Sanusi had it coming. Yes Jonathan is afraid of letting Sanusi expose some of the NNPC’s secret which he himself is part of, Sanusi as a central bank governor, who cannot accurately account for the activities of the apex bank including and most importantly, know how much is in or out, is culpable, has been culpable.

For those of you who still remember, when Sanusi became the governor of central bank, he made too many allegations against heads of some of the financial institutions, he stated that a large number of commercial banks in the country are “unhealthy”. That singular statement cost so many bank chiefs to step aside and queried, cost so many Nigerians to lose their jobs through downsizing methodologies etc. One thing and one thing only kills quicker than the actual danger itself, and that one thing is FEAR. Nigerians became afraid of what will become of their money and till today, some of the folded bank customers whose money was trapped as a result of Sanusi’s closure, have not been able to get back their money and may never will. We all know how solid Professor Chukwuma Soludo, the est-while central bank governor, almost made the banks as well as the NAIRA become in Nigeria. During his time, even after his decapitalization move wasn’t welcomed, naira was still responsibly matched with the dollar, $1 to N152 – N154. Compare it with Sanusi’s time, $1 equals N175 -N178.
The list of Sanusi’s misconduct and recklessness can go on and on but i guess my point is already made and am sure that objectively minded Nigerians will sing in consonance with this. There’s no doubt however, that he (Sanusi) was in the path to discovering something real big in the NNPC cover-up which Jonathan is part of, there’s no doubt that Jonathan is casually handling corruption with levity but, will it be just and right for a pronounced sinner to question the deeds of an averagely recognized saint all because he has a presumptuous idea?

The Financial Reporting Council came up with a recommendation that put Sanusi in the cross-line, the president did the best thing by asking him to resign quietly but in Sanusi’s usual loquacious manner, refused and decided to take it to the public, not knowing that he is stylishly hanging himself. From the presidential  media chat, we have come to see the true situation on ground and whether or not the president has the right to suspend Sanusi, he does.