The simple way to approach and win her love.

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You must pardon me when i say this because i do say it with every sense of respect for you guys out there. Having said that, i truly pity some of the guys that spend an awful amount of time thinking of how to nail that lady they admire in events or someplace instead of moving with their guts to do it and do it right.

Often time when i go to events, there isn’t a time i don’t here question like, how would approach that lady if you are the one who is interested in her? Funny enough, i just heard another of this question yesterday. The truth is, there are no one way rule to winning the heart of a lady or in the minimum, talking to them and trying to get their attention. Like my dad used to say, if you must do it, do it right, that’s the one and only rule.

Girls, they love to laugh, especially at men. It makes them feel more powerful which in turn makes them feel more comfortable which in turn makes them prone to massive errors in judgment you know like having sex with a complete stranger in a ports authority bathroom etc. Talking is good, no phone numbers, no last name and hey, no first name either if you can swing it. But begin with something really interesting.

Look, an ugly dog can take any amount of shit when put behind the chain but when allowed to roll out at will, that dog might as well turn into the hood raider. So here is a couple tips.

When you first meet a girl, you give her two compliments, above the neck, tell her stuff like, nice lips, nice eyes, nice hair-do, speak of her intelligence, moral ethics, whatever crap that comes your mind at that point. Then, just when she thinks that you another smooth, gentle guy that she can tool around all night without getting naked, you insult her (i don’t mean literally “insult her”), flip the power dynamics, and you let her know that you are here not just to play but to win.

Something else, a very important one, when you meet a new girl, always forget about the one girl you have feelings for but isn’t loving you back, because the truth is, it’s your feeling for her that’s killing or that’s going to kill your new game.

I will say this only once so listen carefully, if there is any take away from this piece today, it’s this, the power of a relationship lies in whoever cares the more! Ok, now let’s do a little practice. Assuming you see three gorgeously looking ladies seated, chatting and laughing away their sorrow or whatever they want to get off their hearts (there’s always something they wonna throw out) – girl number 1, girl number 2 and girl number 3, and your interest lies in girl 2 for instance, how would you approach her? Will you walk up to her and demand that the other two leave so you could talk with her? Or would you just seat there, hoping that the other two will at one point in time leave and it will just be only her? Hell No!

There are several ways you could take your crown princess home my friends. Hey! i don’t mean “home” home! You could interestingly start by talking to girl number 3 or girl number 1, or both girl number 3 and 1 at the same time excluding your tagged jewel. The result, making her, girl number 2, your crown princess, to feel left out and somewhat jealous. At this point you have to be alert and sharp to take up on the opportunity when it presents itself.

If you are walking into a building or an office and bump into a lady, a lady you like or that meets your “scale of preference”, pleassssse and pleassssse don’t walk away wishing. Don’t comfort yourself by saying that someone better will come by. What if someone who is truly better comes by and you just still can’t talk to her? You have got to be a man, walk up to her but remember, begin with a complement and continue with something you feel, not know (because you are meeting her for the first time and have no idea as to what she will like), she will enjoy listening to or talking about. Build your conversation and be the first to leave at some stage in the conversation. Giving her room, enough room to think you through. Don’t press for her contact but make sure she has yours and keep tab on her in case she never calls.

When she finally agrees to go out with you, never make her wish she never met you because WOMEN love to be screwed but they don’t love to be screwed over.



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