The Tale of the Drug lords and Bang Bang in Ozubulu -By Alexander Ezike

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Inside view of the attacked St. Philip Catholic Church, Ozubulu.


It is imperative not to simplify the recent massacre of unarmed Christian worshippers in St. Philip Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra State. Some anonymous figures in the Nigerian media and armed forces had coined it a “feud” between two opposing drug cartels. Well, what a super-story if you ask me.

Now, what makes it even more suspicious is that these “Merchants of lies” further took a rather hasty but yet questionable investigation within a short time frame and came to an invalid conclusion that the Ozubulu Massacre is not a case of Hausa-Fulani terrorists disguising as Igbo drug-lords as objectively perceived by the denizens of Anambra and Biafra at large. If anything, it is a case of a dead rodent in a store room – and I am forced to smell a rat!

The rawness of this evil is far-flung from tragic – it is calamitous – and to think that a set of death-seekers would channel their wicked energy on innocent Christians during a Sunday mass service is simply satanic and calls for thorough introspection.

The controversial question here is: who were the devils behind the drama of hell that was staged in Ozubulu church and what was their motive? The answers aren’t far-fetched. I apologize in advance to the killers of truth!

For most, instructively, the massacre was the mastermind of an eponymous character by the name “Bishop” who is unscrupulously painted as an extraction of Ndi-igbo. There are no ambiguities – just constructive lies peddled to disunite Biafrans – to serve an overdose of fear, tension, unrest and uncertainty of the road to freedom which would take transcendental heights on the 18th of November 2017.

Facts should remain facts and never to be puzzled. The testimonies from eyewitnesses has shown a contradictory version of the super-story, proving unequivocally that the armed terrorist who had unleashed rounds of live bullets on the innocents in Ozubulu church was NOT an Igbo as informed by the Nigerian police department.

The partisans of freedom are aware that “the tale of drug lords and bang bang in Ozubulu” as narrated by dishonest elements of this evil contraption is geared towards infecting a viral misinformation on the actual culprits in the recent Ozubulu massacre and to create an atmosphere of grave terror that would strangle the democratic tactics of boycotting the upcoming Anambra elections. It is a pathetically calculated, poorly orchestrated massacre. The tail lights of this evil shows that the Igbo elites in Biafraland with their British-sponsored puppets of the North are cooking a “red soup.”

In the interest of honesty and truth, however appalling, I am obliged to correct the vast mix of peoples who have espoused the false information going viral all over the internet. One thing is certain: The Ozubulu Massacre is a rebranding of the Post-Boko Haram pestilence borne out of evil intent to quell the escalating agitation for an independence referendum and there are no limits to where this “evil” will spread.

The enemies of Biafra will continue to test our resolve, unjustly though it is, but it serves as a painful reminder to us that the road to freedom is a stone-throw from hell.

As we mourn the deaths of the victims of the Ozubulu massacre, let us maintain laser focus on the journey to the Promised Land for our victory is nigh.