The worst thing that could happen should President Jonathan wins 2015 election.

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Hello Nigerians, the voices of the people are yet again divided as i speak, on whether or not Jonathan should return as president in 2015. Of late, I’ve been asking myself this question ‘what is the worst thing that could happen should Jonathan return as Nigeria’s president after the 2015 presidential election?’.

The way i see it from where i stand is simple and at the same time, complicated. Two things will happen should Jonathan remount the presidential seat:

Thing #1. Irregularities or negativities, whichever one you choose, will go on uninterrupted. Meaning insecurity will grow ever stronger and larger as the case may be; meaning corruption will advance in accordance with the 21st century principles; meaning the rich will still remain untouchable and the poor will keep paying the price for the crimes of the rich; meaning in general, that poverty and underdevelopment will become Nigeria’s next door neighbours.

Thing #2. That he, President Jonathan smarten up and take the bull by the horn to do the right thing in order to better his country. Meaning corruption will be fought with anything and everything in his arsenal; meaning security of lives and properties will be paramount; meaning jobs even if not in abundance, will be satisfactorilly provided; meaning the rich will pay for their crimes while the poor, pay for theirs etc.

If Jonathan opt for ‘thing #2’ and wins the 2015 presidential election, then the true dividend of democracy, will be felt by the people of Nigeria. And that, is the way i see it!