We are not the problem, we are the solution!

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Today in Nigeria the youths are seen as the problem instead of the solution. The society, mostly the old ones in the society points to them and say they are the problem. A government in the North experiences an uprise and the youths are fingered and be brought in as the fall-guy; an oil pipeline is vandalized somewhere in the South and the youths are firstly accused and antagonized; a tertiary institution somewhere in the East, West, Middle-Belt or even the Federal Capital is shaken and the youths are blamed; the nation experiences a sectional revolution and the youths are queued up, thoroughly and embarrassingly searched before they can gain access to certain places in the country etc. But what I don’t understand is how they appear to be the problem of the society when they are the only ones with an intact sanity towards providing the needed solutions to the compounded problems of the country?

Take it from me when I say this, there is no nation on earth where the old, or the young, can live all by themselves. It’s just like the government trying to create a world where only men or women exist, that world will be empty and incomplete. They both must be allowed to exist in order for them to complement one another to build a better system and a better world, allowing what is due to the youths to be for the youths, for ultimate maximization. Why do you think not too many old people today understands’ the 21st century and all that it comes with? Why do you think decades come and go without us having a handle to the things it pushed to us? Because what is due to the youths has not been given them and those holding it are not generationally capable of handling it.

I am pretty sure that the thoughts forming questions in your minds right now are what those things that is due to the Nigerian youths are. It’s simple; every generation, first, second, third or fourth, whatever the case maybe, sees and handles things according to the provisions of their generation. The brain of a child born into today’s generation, is far more enhanced than that born into the previous generation. Now if you have established the trueness of that statement, then you will also agree with me that it will be difficult if not nearly impossible for a child born of a previous generation to better handle affairs, let alone be a better leader in the generation that supersede his. It is called the law of generational impositions and there is nothing you and I can do about it. It’s the cause of nature that can never be changed or slightly altered.

In order not to fall a victim of the law of generational imposition, most successful countries today withers the possibilities of assumption by allowing people of a previous generation to have a 40% of the new generation they entered into while the remaining 60% is left untouched for the people of that generation. That means leadership, followership, general control is divided 40 to 60. Countries like America, China, Canada, UK etc adopt this measure to gain success. Here in Nigeria, the story is different, 80% of general control remains with people of the previous generation while only 20% is left for the people of the present generation that means us, the Nigerian youths. So tell me if am wrong when I said that we are not the problem but the solution.