What if President Jonathan were an Hausa man?

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Ever since President Jonathan took over power after the sudden and painful demise of Late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua, the rate of violence within the country has thus amplified. It didn’t amplify because he’s incompetent, but because some  political bigots in the country vowed to bring down his administration by making it unproductive and inhabitable.

The killings since then has grown from hundreds to thousands, with an unknown date of halting. You must have heard the recent twin bomb blast in Kaduna as well as the attack on SARS that saw the escape of about 30 suspects from its detention facility, which according to report, Boko Haram said it was as a result of the Federal Governments refusal to negotiate with them.

Numerous questions has been rolling down my sleeves for a long time now, one of the top-most is, what if President Jonathan were an Hausa man, will there be these killings? The country has suffered so much in the hands of her so-called leaders right from the time of amalgamation, the people suffered even more, and they are still suffering, why will Boko Haram compound it by killing them?

Trying to get the governments attention by killing innocent people is cruel, undiplomatic and seen as a cowardly approach and tactics towards achieving ones goal.

One thing is certain, one day, soon enough, their bullets will finish, they will run out of materials for making their bombs, there will be no more money for their sponsors to give, and then nemesis will caught up with them through the hand of the law.