What President Jonathan Must Do To Boko Haram

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What President Jonathan Must Do To Boko Haram

The Muslim terrorist group known as Boko Haram has so far killed an uncountable number of Nigerians and destroyed an uncountable number of private and public properties. They have moved past the first phase of their plan, now they are sequentially launching the second phase of it -THE CALIPHATE! So far, 36 towns are already in their control, from Yobe to Borno and then Adamawa State of the North-East region of the country.

In the eyes of the world right now, Nigeria is probably a doomed nation and the present government is confused of what action to take or what to do in order to put the groups activities to rest. President Jonathan and the National Assembly MUST declare FULL war on Boko Haram and their supporters/sponsors. The first call of the President is the security of Nigerians and right now, that call is not been properly answered. Mr President as the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces must stop this stammering, the stuttering and show the Nigerian people that he can protect them as well as their properties.

We don’t necessarily need to assemble a league of World Super Powers in order to stem up the melee of these insurgents who have been terrorising the nation. Let our military, the uncompromised ones among them, be deployed to these three states that they are presently processing, and let full war ensue for a complete take back. Nigerian people don’t need all the childish excuses that Mr Jonathan is giving, they want to see that their president actually has the balls and can do what’s necessary to protect them.

For God’s sake, Nigerians are tired of having to live in fear and worry in their own country. Theodore Roosevelt’s basic philosophy says “speak softly and carry big stick”, with Jonathan’s responses to the incessant attacks and killings, he’s “speaking incessantly and carrying nothing”. Time has come for a real change in strategy and in action, if he’s not strong enough for the road ahead, then let him please step aside NOW and let strength lead the way. It is obvious the President has not thought these things through. HE has no strategy to confront Boko Haram and is putting Nigeria and Nigerians in grave danger. Or am I wrong?