Who is the Clone? Who is the Impostor? – By J. Ezike

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In every volatile state, in every totalitarian regime, the few individuals who landed the first blow of objective polemics in the absence of none and straddled their individualized convictions on the warring trail to revolution usually incurs the choiring ridicule of the glee club whose uninspiring, lackluster disposition and pseudo-intelligence together with their productized lore of sycophants and the panegyric syndrome that accompanies them are written down in their living will and passed from generation to generation as part of the extensive behavioral and unstable practice of the faint-hearted with their sheepish temperament.

Of course, by cosmological principle the Sheep are bloody stubborn and lack the innate ability to demonstrate independent reasoning and take on individualized roles in the affairs of its eco-system. They herd at full tilt into vicious terrains, yielding only to the shepherding inclinations at the expense of its individualized convictions. Consequentially, they fall victims to their feeble-mindedness, their intrinsic aversion to the existential realities in which they are principal members and thus, they become eternal preys to the oppositional constituents of that jungle. Such is the case of Nigerians, full of sheepish blood.


J. Ezike

I made reference to this in my previous essay: The Intimacy of Nigerians with Their Woes. As in prize-debating, a good debater is worth his strength in thinking and logical comprehension of the incomprehensible facts.

Listen, I did not come here to joke. Neither did I come to mark present in the registry of this struggle. I may appear too juvenile, too simple, too little to a fault but what is inside of me is beyond the corporeal. I fear no mortal but the Supreme Soul in whose divine acknowledgement I find prudence and inspirited thoughts. Forgive my pride of knowledge, my rebellious individuality and the arrogant intellectuality I exude on this road of untold injustices and organized cruelties. But I am not a SHEEP in this damnable, fateful union of carnivores and herbivores!

Today, a fact of reality is perfected by Nnamdi Kanu and made vertebrate enough to be discussed on the global media. On the 29th of November 2018, the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed launched a federal onslaught against the IPOB leader whose individual convictions bared and birthed the Jubril narrative that sounded initially and even presently, to a macroscopic majority as a fictitious allegation when before their very own eyes they witnessed a sudden rebirth of a depreciated, dwindled and shrunken-sized President who made the dead-walk in a soothing wind and bore the facial-landscape of a failing breath. And faraway in Poland, the spotlighted, rejuvenated suspect resonated with the ministerial submission designed to ridicule not solely the “Jubril narrative” but also what some sheepish intellects refer to as imaginary, which is, the factual submission of the “facial cloning” of the aforementioned character in Aso Rock.

My people say: Mmadu Kariri Mmadu.

The sun has nothing to prove. It’s authority of illumination over the boundaries of the universe is absolute. Thus, it stands firm, glowing with no apology for its individual positioning in the universal scheme of things.

In the same vein, my individual positioning in the political scheme of things is unmistakable and absolute as far as the “Clone narrative” is concerned.

Read me: What I had published on twitter, on the 22nd of May 2017, precisely three months prior to the emergence of the British agent who unequivocally is the product of the ultimate-face disguise was an individual pronouncement of factual significance. It was simply a revelatory submission bereft of imaginative suasions. I stated in verbatim: “You cannot hide the truth. Like smoke it will plume to the tip of the sky and bare all.  Buahri is dead. BBC correct me if I’m right.”

The historical evidence of this tweet is still on display for those with doubts. And I do not stand to be corrected. My friend, once again, I am not a sheep. In this jungle called Nigeria, I am a carnivore. We devour facts not fictions.

Only exceptionally well-informed, versed, and given the complexity of the case, knowledgeable citizens of this contraption are cognizant of the medical possibilities of the 21st century. And a 21st century human-being must update his mind with the 21st century unlimited alternatives in general.

It was also this writer to whom accusations of imaginary-guessing, which, though hilarious to the extreme, are referred; and it was he who in the not so popular book-stream where thoughts are processed into written words convicted the prolonged medical vacation of Buhari in London. Likened to a dreamer, a noisemaker, an attention-seeker, an avenger of misfortune, he was all of these – they said – and under his individual conviction and assured assertion, the “Clone narrative” streamed in the wave of the silent listeners, observers and readers alike. And so they questioned his medical stint, his prophetic punctuations on a matter that seemed bigger than the average Tales by Moonlight. Though aware of the background murmurings, the dispraises of the truth he wrote, he did not falter in his resilient Will to own his truth. And they wondered how possible a seventy-something year old tyrannical jihadist could be cloned. And the cross-wise doubleness of both conspiracies as they called it became the idol of their disdain.

Now, in a region of their minds, they ask: Who is the clone? Who is the impostor? But if only these sheepish ones are aware of the digital creation of characters via scanning of human facial-sides and head-shapes and its duplication on advanced software with precise measurements of wrinkles, scars, expressions and thickness and translating the “copied features” into “silicon skin” as finished product in what is today the 21st century medical reform on facial cloning, if only these pseudo-intelligent investigators, writers, critics and intellectuals are cognizant of this specialty in facial cloning that does not require the process of producing genetically identical individuals of an organism either naturally or artificially, then, they might keep shut and seek thorough education from 21st century advanced medical surgeons and quit dancing to the “diversionary tactics” of Lai Mohammed and his stooges in Aso Rock.

I rest my case, for now…