Why Does Everyone Blame The Senate President? -By Anthony Edohen

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Bukola Saraki

On Tuesday 7th August Nigerians witnessed a horror show at the National assembly, what would shock you is the aftermath by Nigerian media trying to blame and put this on the senate president and in fact some 3rd wing have new sites have gone as far to say the SP has been working with the Ex-DSS Director.

This what I have seen  over the last 3 years of this administrations appointments, it has been made based on loyalty to Baba rather than duty and service to the country. Generally speaking, if these appointments were done in good faith then the executive arm would have seen these loop holes and when these appointments were made and these loopholes were discovered they would have taken actions already. What I see is “Money for hand back for ground politics”, “Settle here, settle there”, “Give this one slots and give another one slot”. So APC should have seen all these coming.

After the merger of some political parties to form APC, these politicians should have seen that its partisan interest and each man for himself style of politics, temporary friends politics and instead they assumed otherwise the APC leadership believing their own lies and propaganda which is every member is working for the good of the country.

We all saw that the Senate president from day one was a one man show person and is not loyal to anyone but his own cause, so why try to change him to the a “establishment” standards? Why try to lead him to a cause that is not his? Why try to work with him and then stab him in the same breadth? One thing is for sure the presidency thought they were the smart one, in fact they concluded that their way of doing things would resonate better in the eyes of Nigerians. From lack of accountability in Corruption cases, jail one-person in PDP and dine with another in APC even when they  have committed the same crime.

The truth is the first lady was right, this administration has been hijacked and those running it have a double standards and frankly speaking tested the resolve of themselves. If the SP came to power constitutionally then why fight him unconstitutionally? Look at the Ibrahim Magu issue, from the executive arm sending his name as the nominee for EFCC chairman to another member arm scuttling that process with a letter saying he failed the “Integrity Test” and guess what nothing was done to check that double standard.

From the executive arm fighting people like Gov.Fayose and the same arm forgiving Ibrahim Maina.

From the executive arm dealing with members of IPOB and Niger Delta Avengers to No suspect in the “Fulani herdsmen” killings. At least they have to give Nigerians something!

Nobody complained as the DSS used unconventional means to detain “corrupt” members of PDP without court orders or violating their basic human rights and rights to a defense counsel.

Nobody seemed to complain when Hon Aminu Tambuwal plotted a coup against his own party to become speaker in the previous administration everyone called him a hero who would work against the corrupt PDP administration really?

Nobody seemed to complain when senators like Sen.Ovie Omo Agege who ran on the platform of LP and now a President Buhari supporter and an APC defector, nobody seemed to care not even Nigeria’s leading lawyer activist called it illegal but all I hear today is it is illegal and the SP must vacate  his seat how? I ask because the double standard cannot be ignored.

All I see is the SP playing the game with the rules that APC laid better than they could imagine and one cannot blame him for this. No one can blame him for “working with” the Ex-DSS director as it is not illegal to work with a Head of an executive agency  and its only illegal if they are conniving to carry out an unconstitutional act and last i checked the senate was in recess till September and no one had the imperative and the authority to reopen the NASS without the its principal officers declaring otherwise.

Finally, Remaining the Senate President without becoming a member of the majority party is not illegal! It is politics and such is legal according to the constitution of the senate

So I ask why everyone blame the Senate President?