Why I Fault Government On The #EbolaOutbreak in Nigeria

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Ebola virus, so far the world’s deadliest virus, wouldn’t have entered Nigeria if Nigerian government had done her job. Every responsive government with the protection of its citizens in mind, would have done everything and anything possible to prevent such virus from coming into the country. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon gave Nigeria a warning shot when the Ebola Virus began with them. Nothing stopped the government of Nigeria from getting herself and the entire nation prepared in a preventive manner and for that singular reason, i fault her.

Three weeks before the virus came into Nigeria through the Liberia channel, Ghana put out a nationwide alert to her people, on what to know and do as regards the virus and its preventive measures. She also put out new laws on foreigners entering the country as well as those going out of it. Food items coming into the country were properly checked for the virus infection before being allowed to reach the people. Wears imported into the country were put through a warmer system before allowed entrance. All of these happened many days before the Ebola Virus broke out in Nigeria, now the question is, what stayed the hand of our government, my government from implementing certain measures to prevent the virus?

All of what the government is doing right now, are measures that should have taken place while the Ebola virus was far away from us and even at that, the measures taking to curtail the spread of the virus are not intensive enough. For one, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) are still on strike, something that shouldn’t be, considering the dire circumstance we are in right now; secondly there’s none, let alone an “effective” response mechanism in place for rapid operation in regions where the virus has already broken out. Airports remains government’s concerntration, how about those that can come in through ROADS, what system has been put in place to cover these area?

It will be catastrophically disasterous if the government don’t begin now to set some of these mentioned systems in place because whether we like to hear it or not, Ebola virus has come to stay and unless we do something really serious on the side of prevention, knowing very well that we are a “CONTACT” state, the virus might just become our only biggest threat of existence.

May God bless and save us all!