YOU MATTER -by Edith Chukwu

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I could see him struggling. Not only could I see it, I could sense it as well. It was a visible though unseen battle of the mind. He must have weighed the consequences of his future line of action, rehearsed and re-rehearsed it over and over again; and…yet again. His brows thickened. His shoulders, squared up with both arms folded across his chest. I had never seen him in such a mood before; even his nose and mouth played major roles in this “new countenance” of his- they were tilted to match.

First it was the printer, now it was the printed poorly handled by Mr Printer. Things were not as planned. Time was not willing to embrace him based on the need at hand. He needed to complete this lingering work before the 21st. It was19th already. What was he to do? Attempts to get Mr Printer to redo a fantastic job based on the time at hand would mean asking an atheist for a miracle. Good grief! He paced from one side of the office to another possibly thinking, “Arrrrggh I feel like strangling this guy right now, but hey, (‘think-talking’ to himself) you have to take things easy. Don’t dwell on the problem. Find a solution…”

While all that drama I authoured was going on in his mind, I noticed something. You may think this is funny, but this is the truth. He looked more handsome than ever. So handsome I seriously pretended to be getting vital information from my mobile phone as I suddenly stood up facing him. Yes, the vital information translated into taking him a snapshot surreptitiously. (bite me :p ). Of course he didn’t have to know else my “G.P” would have gone down the drain. He finally approached Mr Printer awaking me from my daydream. Slowly, in a tone that I am yet to be acquainted with, he said to Mr Printer, “My friend,” ( seriously?) when can this work be ready as it should? I do not want to get upset because you will not like it…(hmm I could readily testify that too.)
Anyways, back to the story….

Mr Printer thankfully understood a change in rhythm and gave a favourable response frantically. “Good” came the ensuing approval, “Let it be so. I will have her send them to me via another means as I need to leave town tonight”. He then called out to his now professional photographer wife, “Sweetheart..!”

That day was for me, one of discovery. Very interesting and a bit scary since I was concerned about the safety of Mr Printer who spearheaded this new batch of emotions. I dare to say “new” for so they were, though not anymore. I now understand that part of my husband.

Often times, some folks tend to forget that the journey to knowing others actually begins with themselves. How do you see yourself? What is your thought pattern? What are your values? What would you not tolerate from people? Any anger triggers..? How would you react in certain situations? What makes you You? Would your next action cause havoc or promote peace? Tears, fears or cheers? Just what would be the resultant effect of your actions?

These information can only come when we are able to date ourselves to discover who we really are. You read right, ‘date’. This self knowledge automatically empowers your understanding of others for we cannot recognise what we do not have knowledge of. In fact, it remains a mystery until our knowledge bank is furnished.

See now that you matter?

I can understand my husband because I understand myself. Take this home please. You sure do matter!





2 Responses to YOU MATTER -by Edith Chukwu

  1. well written and analyze mama… always proud of you ma

    Orum Nelson
    March 21, 2015 at 8:39 am

  2. well written and analyze….am always proud of you ma

    Orum Nelson
    March 21, 2015 at 8:39 am