Abba Moro, Beating Nigerians To The Punch.

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Over 900,000 Nigerians stepped out of their homes in the early hours of Saturday morning to their distinctive test venues (the stadium). According to their invitation letters, they were to commence the aptitude test at exactly 10am, at 2pm, applicants, including the ones who got to the venue at 6,7am were still outside as the stadium gate was in a lockdown-no-entrance condition. By the time the gate was thrown open, frustration had set in, fear of being left out enslaved them, they began to rush in, there was pushing and flexing of the bones both for the pregnant and not pregnant. People began to drop dead in their numbers, some collapsing under the hot sun, there was a total chaos as the center could no-longer hold.

Abba Moro, the Minister of Interior, the man whose parastatal was responsible for the test conduct, stated that the death of applicants as experienced, was a result of impatience, recklessness and for that, it was unfortunate as there was nothing they could ave done in that situation.

Earlier today, in an interview session on a radio program -The Political Platform, he categorically and specifically stated that he is NOT GOING TO RESIGN as requested by Nigerians. The question right now to Nigerians is, is Abba Moro supposed to resign or not and why?