Dora Akunyili: You Did Not Exist, You Lived Life For Nigeria

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I remember the times when drugs were taken to cease life The health of Nigerians was a fatal reality for patients It was the heat of death sentences to common Nigerians Illiteracy has been made to cooperate with poverty The health of our people was weighing zero on scale Money had over change hands in the drug market Corruption ventilator cooling the palms of regulators

After ages of savoring this bitter pill on our dying bed The point of breathing the last air was the turning point She came like a flash light through the dark tunnel Flashed our eyes with the theatre light so we can see The evil crawling on our sickling bed oh fake drugs She did not stop there, she wore the glove for the operation With the determination to resuscitate our dying glory

She was the reason the market for bad drugs fell ballistic She was the reason many took the right prescription drug She was the reason Nigerians had sanity in the pharmaceuticals She went to war with the devil himself and stood his treats After achieving such a huge success with her vest of dignity She became a voice for the speechless helpless marginalized

A pool of enemies she had acquired from her life of service to all She was a mother of charity and sympathy for the weak Nigerians A bold physique she had because God was the courage stimulant After all she has done, she has defied the law of gravity Though she answered a call that left us hopeless over her vacuum We know that her legacy will outlive a thousand generation

If God is God then, Our Dora is in His bosom The fight she fought with the courage of an amazon Will cause even the change she had wish was attainable Even as she sail the blue skies of the heavens She still cast her shadows of affection over the nation The transformation she secured and those she negotiated The hands of our deformers will wither as her glory soars If death was the end I will cry forever for Dora But I smile as I know she has just began the Nigerian revolution

Even now that she is in a higher pedestal of control You were a life support from the turbulent waters of our ills You became the mouth piece of democratic transformation So much was even expected as you look back at your eastern front You wanted a chance to bless the lives of the oppressed But God has selected you for an award in the celestial dynasty We still see your beauty as you will forever glow in our minds Your journey back home was so necessary at least You deserve a seat made of crystal diamond Dwell in the crystal palace without a dot of stain

Adieu Mama Dora