God’s mercy upon Homo sapiens is infinite and non-negotiable

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All praises and adoration be to Almighty God the creator of mankind and all exist in this world, glory be to him. This is a cogent epistle that must be read by all either you are a Muslim or a Christian it concerns you a lot. Looking at happenings around in this world, I feel sad about all the unending atrocities committed day in day out by man despite God’s mercy on him.

When one think deep about this world, one would see that Almighty God did a wonderful job on mankind in fact his mercy upon us is infinite and non-negotiable. Are we to make mention of the power of sight given to us by him I don’t think I have for once seen a human being created blind or blind artificially and his/her eye being replaced with that of a cow or pig. He gave to you the power of speech and hearing, it is not everyone in this world that have the ability to speak and hear and it is not that these other beings are lacking ears or mouth but this is signal of God’s mercy upon us. When a teeth is to be replaced in a dental clinic, a tooth cost up to five thousand Naira; it is only those that have tooth decay that can tell. Almighty God gave human thirty-two teeth, on calculating one would find out that present in our mouth all together is One hundred and sixty thousand Naira and you are still are an ingrate. Using thirty minutes Oxygen in an hospital cost up to Five thousand naira if not more than that, what a marvelous creator even a day old baby as use up to two hundred and forty thousand naira for just breathing in and out for one day. I would like you to also calculate the amount of God’s Oxygen you’ve used on earth and let’s see if God does not deserve a special praise. Majority are died because of kidney disease but you are still alive excreting with ease, does he not deserve more?. He gave to you two legs, a pair of hand, a sense of taste, a complex internal structures, he still provides for you a means of livelihood or do you think you feed yourself? No, if you don’t agree with this what about birds and other creatures?. He created you from sand and later a dropping water (sperm). The Quran 76:2 says “We have surely created a human being from a sperm drop uniting (it) with (an ovum); We wanted to bestow Our favour on him. That is why We made him hearing and seeing (- enjoying discretion and volition, and so responsible for his actions)”.

Hitherto with the Bible “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul(Genesis 2:7).

Next on this epistle will be “Homo Sapiens as an ingrate being”.

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