How to apply scientific leadership and lead by example in the workplace

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How to apply scientific leadership and lead by example in the workplace


The norm of leadership across the world is a leadership that see management capitalize on the management tool (delegation) that has to do with the superiors assigning task to subordinates with little or no form of monitoring and joint evaluation of the status of projects.

Delegating and management by objective are some of the powerful tools used by management to get the best out of employees if properly harnessed by both the managers and the employees but there are other ways to motivate and stimulate a complete synergy between top managers, mid-level managers and employee are the bottom.

For result oriented business environment employees at every level on the organization structure has to be on the same page as the management in terms of goals, objectives and core vale required to keep the business swimming against sinking. If this is to be achieved by management, a high level of motivation is required from all participating team.

Commitment from management is required in most cases to drive other employees to produce 100 per cent. At Globalplux Consulting Services we try as much as possible to establish and maintain an all inclusive policies that enable managers at all level to participate in customer service activities.

How does managers (management) participation in customers service unite work?

Every third-quarter of the year, managers at different level come down from their high horses to take over the job at the Customer Service Unit (seat at the customer service desk) and attend to customers, answer the calls from (irate) customers – by so doing top level managers experience things firsthand for themselves and at the same time bond with all stratas of employees. Psychologically, in itself improves the effectiveness and efficiency of customers service representative doing their job.

Delegating is vital as it improves a section of the employees (individual) on a long-run, but leading your team/ organisations by example is paramount to the overall growth and development of your company.