I Am Homeless, Thanks To My Employer -By Christopher Ekpo

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As I arrived my office, I was greeted with a TERMINATION OF APPOINTMENT by my boss. Shockingly, I managed to open and saw the content which reads:

We regret to terminate your appointment with our company. We know how industrious you have been and your contribution to the company. You were one of the staff we cannot do without but considering the situation of things at hand, we can no longer keep you.

Presently, we are owing you for the past six (6) months and we cannot afford to keep owing you this way. Therefore to save you more stress and deliberate us from more debts, we wish to terminate your appointment.
Bear with us.

As I got home, my landlord served me a quit notice:

Christopher Ekpo

Madam, you have been indebted to me for the past two (2) years and you promised to pay at the end of January this year. Today is 2nd April, yet you have not paid my house rent. Therefore, I wish you quit my house on or before ending of this month. To express my kindness, I don’t need the two (2) years rent you owe. You can use it and get another apartment for yourself. I wish you well.

Meanwhile, I had lent some money placing my job as the collateral. When I received the quit notice, I was numbed. Should I rejoice (over my landlord’s kindness) or weep (for quitting now that I am penniless)? I cried my heart out but tears didn’t drop from my eyes. I was broken.