Information Reinforcement, Christ, Faith, Daddy Freeze and Fake Theology -By Nneka Okumazie

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Daddy freeze hates Christianity – 100%. He would feign theology as if reforming beliefs, but wield it against Christianity. He’s aimed at nothing but to kill the Faith.

Christian theology helped in a lot of ways to understand some background of some stories in the Scriptures. Certain preachers often love to quote theologians or Bible scholars to further explain some stories.

Though theology has also been used to criticize the Faith, genuine Christianity is not reliant on contextual anecdotes or quaint corroborations.

There is what Christianity is, and a lot of it is Faith in the Lord: His Word, His Name, His Power, His Presence, His Truth, His Mercy, His Compassion, His Deliverance and His Hope.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of GOD – which can be translated to information reinforcement, knowing something of sort, but hearing more of it to solidify, or as a reminder. It is roughly similar to reinforcement theory of communication, where people often align with information that has a personal cognitive base.

This Faith reinforcement is a necessity for genuine Christians, which is why it is very much advised to not forsake the assembling of believers. Aside contrary information that Christians would hear – against their Faith, there’s also a ton of situations that would tempt a believer to want to question the Power of GOD.



Daddy freeze came against the Christian Faith, armed with fake theology and appalling toxicity that appeals to those looking for what to blame. Supporters of daddy freeze always say he’s biblically sound – he’s not. They also say that no one writes a biblical rebuttal to his points of hatred, well, many do superiorly.

There is nothing daddy freeze knows or says that has not been common knowledge or on the internet for years before he started grunting. Also, it is unclear if it is just fame he wants, or attention, because aside criticizing Churches and pastors, he would try to trend on social media with top hashtags, or fabricate stuff to pass them off as facts, and he has no care about being cogitatively ungarbed.

Also, what will be the point of debating daddy freeze, a person who wants to destroy the Faith, and who believes he’s only right, or whatever he accepts means right?

Christianity is a choice. It is almost as social as going to a gym, or having a choice of meal, or living or acting in a certain way. Everything about Christianity is voluntary – no force and no pressure. Christ often implied choice: He stands at the door and knocks. Come unto me. I am the Way.

You accept the Faith, and do stuff about it and within it. Things are done out of acceptance, and that acceptance is a choice.

The Scriptures is not a science textbook. It is about the Christian Faith with lots of symbolisms – applicable – anytime and anywhere. It is not fixed on specific locations, era, language, or scenarios.

Lots of things changed within the Old and New Testaments, but the pillars of Faith are still valid. There is the Fruit of the Spirit in the Epistles, but many of those were displayed by followers of the Lord in the Old Testament. But it did not have that name, then.

There is ‘transfer of training’ of sort from the Old Testament to the New, and till date. There are stories of Faith only found in the Old Testament, but can inspire miracles anywhere. There are stories of prayers, worship, giving, love, perseverance, etc. found across the Bible and are externally valid.

Daddy freeze is looking for where in the Bible Jesus or the Apostles collected tithes, OK. This sightless question is the same as saying if GOD can truly help now, where exactly is it in the Bible that before an exam – aside studying, to also pray for success?

While there are sometimes no precise similarities, there are tons of symmetrical aspects – to connect with, for faith, prayers and hope in the Lord.

Tithe is voluntary. It is mostly after acceptance of Christ that it is advised to follow, not before and not as a tool for penance. It is possible to give tithes and use it as a part of one’s prayer submission: I am faithful in this, please Lord, in your mercy, do this else for me.

There are a few questions to ask on Christ and tithe: what did Jesus mean by “Abide in me, and I in you” and how many ways can a person abide? If Christ said, Ye shall be witnesses – in several places – to me after you receive Power, does it mean that after the most important factor, [Holy Ghost endowment and] Power, there are no other resources necessary to travel, stay, open Churches, expand and support?

When Christ said have Faith like a mustard seed, does it mean it is to move mountain for just healing, deliverance and repentance? When Christ emphasized deeds reciprocity: judge not, condemn not, forgive others, give and, be merciful, etc. in several places in the Scriptures, does it not mean that doing other stuff too, by Faith, have benefits?

Also, the Epistles insisted on what to do, mostly, not how the Churches had services or programs. So it is unclear if there were testimonies in services, or tithes, or other stuff common in Church services across the world today. But there are standards in genuine Christianity which are strictly adhered to.

The most important question to ask daddy freeze and all his supporters is that, since they started, what has changed for Nigeria, and what are the prospects of their campaign to development of Nigeria?

There are states in Nigeria with no public water supply system. Labor laws and situations are really tough for majority. Assuming all the smart people in Nigeria who can really help towards progress can come up with say 60 – 80 models on public water supply; all the state governments cannot be useless at the same time if confronted with solution, so, some would adopt some solutions.

Same goes for employment, electricity, road safety, hunger, etc. Not just one solution, but so many at one problem – in order to make progress.

Maybe this capability is beyond daddy freeze and those like him, as they only find strength in hatred and fabrications. All they want to do is to crush Christianity, using any fake theology or anything to try to win. The Church of GOD is marching on. The haters have failed.

Many are saying question everything, challenge the conventional wisdom, or critical thinking against Christianity, but those they learned this from often use it to make progress and move knowledge and their nations forward. For daddy freeze and his people, they do it so they are seen as key persons – to be hyped. But there is no impact, progress or public benefit.

Some around the world are happy that a Christian missionary was killed on an Island, saying he trespassed. John Allen Chau, the missionary, was courageous. He tried but has gone beyond. He is like an example of some super courageous one-way missionaries [like William Milne] in the past, who may have inspired him. For them, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Acts 12:24, “But the word of GOD grew and multiplied.”