IPOB, My Opinion -By Aare Anjuwon

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It’s gut-wrenching that #Biafra and #BokoHaram are the trending instruments being used for Nigeria’s political instability fueled by the past and present political administrators to remain relevant in power.

Politics and power in all facet of life. Take it or leave it, we all play politics in our area of specialization. From my observation, I discovered that Boko Haram was fueled by then opposition leaders to frustrate and take power from the past administrators and vice versa today.

Did IPOB, MASSOB and MEND activities draw world attention during GEJ administration compare to what is happening now under President Muhammadu Buhari? I will like to reiterate that, Nigeria as a country has two main tribes; the elites and the poor. The elites will always used the the poor to achieve their selfish agenda.

The poor are dying now in agitation for Biafra Republic while Kanu is seeking amnesty and the South East governors are proscribing. At the end, if Allah disposes Biafra Republic actualised, same elites including those proscribing now will still rule the poor while the majority of the agitators would have sacrificed their life for the actualization.

My advice to IPOB members, why the hate speeches, and confrontation with the constituted authority and armed military personnel? Why not use the power of new and print media, petition UN, ECOWAS, AI and AU to press your demand for referendum? Why not learn from the history of first Nigeria Civil War, 1967-1970?

Arise O’ Youth, stop being used as political weapons. You are born to be great. You are not too young to rule.

Think wisely!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
God bless The Youth!
God bless The Poor!

Aare Anjuwon.
Odogbolu LG, Ogun State.
[email protected]