Letters to Atiku and Buhari (1) -By Kareem Itunu Azeez

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From all of us, on the cold wild streets, of Nigeria, from the longitudinal west coast, down to the eastern axis, of the lower Nigeria.

From all of us, homeless but not hopeless, who in the struggle for a better tomorrow, decided to rely on our PVC’s with the hope for a working and better Nigeria.

And sir to you the son of Abubakar, whom we believe is saddled with lots of knowledge about the economy, we write you today, to look into the streets of Nigeria, the able bodies who seems unable anymore, due to the street struggles.


Kareem Itunu Azeez


To you our incumbent president, your Excellency sir, even though many Nigerians see no excellent in your performance, in the crescendo of the four years to wind down, but where can we table our grief or unhappy state of mind, than to fight the war with our PVC’s.

The bitter truth is, either of this two politicians would emerge come 2019, as the Nigerian president, a situation where if true democracy is practiced, non of them deserve a C, thus signifying below average in their performance from all ramifications we can look it from, in their quest to serve their nation.

Therefore since we haven’t learn to chose for the future, and somewhat seems carried away by little stipends giving to us, prior election, the urgency of now therefore is, this two with highest focal point should be aware of the unbearable plight of our people, for things are no longer at ease.

Dear Mr. Atiku.

Going through your record might never be encouraging as the next prospective Nigerian president, but since you pose a stronger threat to the incumbent, we therefore mount you with so much, to look into, it is likely that our generation might not produce the kind of revolution we deserve, but the reality is, we look bereaved of choices.

The burden of proof, you carry is so much that it becomes a shame on us all, that this is the best Nigerians can offer, detailed records has it, that in Yola alone, going back to memory lane,while you were still the V.P of the federal republic of Nigeria, Sahara Reporters once had this to say, The Vice President with a modest portfolio of one house in Kaduna, Yola and Lagos, eight years in the vice-presidency has immeasurably transformed Mr. Abubakar’s holdings.

His high profile $25 million University (ABTI American University) in Yola, plus the $8 million he paid to the American University in Washington DC for a direct license to use the franchise of the university (known as partnership and management consultancy by AU officials) is a critical reference to the investment profile of a public officer who did not seek bank loans to execute these gargantuan investments.

When contacted about the nature of the deal with ABTI- American University, Washington DC-based AU’s Vice president for International Affairs Mr. Robert Pastor said that the $8 million figure claimed as the cost of doing business with ABTI-American University was “inaccurate” but refused to reveal the exact cost of the partnership and management consultancy with Atiku’s high profile college which he bragged was the best in Africa after 11/2 years of operation, he said that the exact cost of the partnership was confidential.

All this might be in the past base on who we are as Nigerians, but somehow I hope more light could be share into this, with the passage of time, and also spending of dollars at your primaries would creep up no more, for God sake Naira is our identity but if our prospective president already increases inflation through this, thereby reducing the value of our naira, then really I am scared.

You will mount the debate possibly to itemize the promises that may never be fulfill, you will promise us so much that you may never do, you, likely you may even tell us the things Nigerians wants to hear, but likely you won’t abscond, but the bloods of those who have depart through the fact that they hang their trust on you, would one-day come back to ask from you.

Mr Atiku, I hope you understand you are there to work for us, and whatever’ level, we need to dialogue with you, it is true that people really change, character is slightly different to behaviour, and as for my country men, we believe in the political term, called “The online memory” we forget very often the past, where the future emanated from.

Sir, I hope you have the courage to obey the rule of law, and not change the goal post to your satisfaction, you might have bought your way into the primaries, its usually the Nigerian people’s ways.

Pastor Bakare sees you sir already as an eagle when he said, “I can’t say that Atiku will win or lose. You see, I am not advocating for him. Among all the aspirants who contested the PDP ticket with him , he is perhaps the most cosmopolitan; he is a Wazobia man”.

Therefore, as hard as the country may be, for some of you who have gotten there perhaps by Nationalist movement of time past, we hope like many of us who have gone, you too will relinquish power somehow soon.

And if perhaps you get there, give us not the reason to dream of a total secession and thereby an impending war, of justice for the homeless yet not hopeless.

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