Old Testament – New Testament: Faith, Giving & Daddy Freeze -By Nneka Okumazie

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The entire campaign of Daddy Freeze is not credible – because he has been unable to answer some questions. He has the attitude of noisemakers, not useful to anything significant, and with no destination.

There is neither enlightenment nor development in all he says. All he wants to do is to show he has no knowledge, or tell his inferior opinions.

Nothing he has ever said has any might towards how Nigeria can develop. There is nothing he has ever said that shows a direct or indirect link to what is causing Nigeria’s underdevelopment.

How can Churches be responsible for poverty, if Churches don’t control what people earn, or spend, or have responsibility for the conditions of living in any rural area?

How can tithes be a scam, if it is an example of giving, carried on from the Old Testament, and it is voluntary, done with discretion and also a form of giving that is goodness, or commitment to GOD?

How can going to Church mean brainwashing, when it is like a social activity, and a personal choice, and does not stop going to work, or studying or causing any harmful change – if it is genuine salvation?

How can Churches be responsible for underdevelopment, when power outages the biggest problem in Nigeria, have nothing to do with the Church – whether generation or distribution?



How can you campaign against the Church only, and lie against them, when the Church is not hindering Nigeria’s progress, and there are much more relevant sectors, agencies, and state governments?

Old Testament vs. New Testament

Daddy freeze like to say he’s challenging Pastors to a debate, OK. But what is his debate supposed to achieve? Genuine Pastors want to win souls to Christ; daddy freeze wants to destroy the Church.

He’s always referring to certain ways of life in the Old Testament to paint Christianity badly or make people feel everything there is useless, NO!

While several cultural practices were not carried on to the New Testament, there are a ton of quotes in the New Testament from the Old Testament. There are even lots of stories repeated in the New Testament from the Old.

If there is a story of Faith, a story of Hope, that is inspiring and can help to build Faith, Old Testament applies – too. But with daddy freeze because he does not support tithe, all the Old Testament is not relevant. As a pattern, when he wants to defend something else, he quotes the Old Testament.

Same way faith, hope, miracles, promises of GOD and teachings are carried on from the Old Testament, so can giving. These are valid and relevant. Not the culture or way of life. Giving tithes is valid.

Tithe is not a scam and it is – mostly – for genuine Christians, in true Churches. It is a choice and can also be done in accordance with Faith.

Christ often talked about giving to the poor – an act that can be direct and indirect. People gave to the poor through the Apostles, when they laid all at their feet. However, Churches in the Epistles were built and maintained probably from contributions from members.

Christ also made references to tithes and prominently used it as an example of a reason to not be boastful: an individual said I fast twice a week, I give tithes, I am better than others; the other said, O GOD, be merciful unto me, for I am sinner.

As a fact, the rich man who replied to Christ that he kept all his commandments from his youth up was probably a tither.

But when Christ said, sell all, give to the poor – for treasures in Heaven – and come and follow me. He became sorrowful. It shows that the heart for sacrificial giving is greater than regimented giving. Also, following Jesus is even more important than sacrificial giving.

So tithing is an act of giving, not a scam. Daddy freeze cannot understand any of these, his insubstantial intellect is lighter than a feather, so he continues to argue, and ask his stupid questions, indifferent from a lunatic on the street, speaking to self – with delusions.

Faded Campaign

The faded campaign of daddy freeze will always be about the unimportant and all the agitation will remain for those in his rock bottom’s dumpster.

How can an individual lie this much? How can this individual be with so much bitterness? It is possible to give to Pastors, but the biggest motivation to give in any true Church is for Church projects: new buildings, new equipment, new tools, etc.

And there are results to show. There are major Churches with cities and Parishes everywhere; the Church does not belong to the Pastor. It is the Church of GOD – greater than any individual.

True Churches are not a scam; people love to give, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. There are some who find fulfillment in giving. It is their choice and their happiness.

Giving to the poor in Nigeria is nice. Though, there are some who are given to but they take the giver as a fool. It is not necessarily anyone’s responsibility to lift another out of poverty.

Christ always talked about laying treasures in Heaven; one of the ways is giving to the poor, just like what He told the rich man.

So if giving to the poor means treasures in Heaven, how about those who gave to the Church in the Epistles, or the Churches [Macedonia and Philippians] who gave to Apostle Paul. Where would their treasures be?

Daddy freeze can attack pastors all he wants, but his campaign lacks smartness, even the most little. He’s a cotton wool, so light in intellect. He does not understand anything about Faith, about the Scriptures, or even about national development. Those who think he’s right are even far lower than he is.

When the Scripture says, in everything give thanks, it is absolutely true. While it seems an enemy like daddy freeze is prominent, he’s really, really dumb – below the dregs level of intellect. But then, no one picks a fight with the Lord GOD though his Church and is wise.