Our Religious Leaders And The Truth Business -By Edwin Alivionote

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The very worth of truth has being diminishing in value in our generation. The things we were used to believing are now changing in their nature like a chameleon. The news from authoritative media cannot even be trusted completely. The state courts of law justify their claims on the grounds of influence, which has made the truth element in our justice system more diluted. The more intolerable of the failed truth systems is the failure in our religious bodies to stand up to their calling as truth vendors.
The statement of Karl Max that religion is the opium of the masses has never being more obvious than it is today in Nigeria. Our traditional culture of respect for elders has little consideration when compared with our regards for religious leaders. Our religious leaders who are the connecting link between us and God our creator have garnered so much reverence that has earned them an opportunity for monetary gains.

The church leader who is aware of his indisputable word utilizes the believe that his followers have on him (as a vessel of truth) to trade falsehood, all twisted and conjectured to achieve personal desire. The truth which they represent has been traded on the alter for wealth and fame. The Muslim community too are not left out in this manoeuvring scheme. The leader most often uses his influence to channel a message intended to pass wrong ideology that contradicts the Islamic injunctions. The ease with which persons of both religions are manipulated by purported leaders has made more room for the entry of false prophets, running their own assembly for the sole purpose of making money.

The value for truth in society has been bastardized by the prevalence of the activities of these merchants of truth, whose calling were invented by falsehood. Many men and women of God have violated their seat of honour and many more are still in their respective zones evoking more damage to the sacredness of God place of worship. The impact they have created in society has left people more gullible than ever to having the free will to lie, cheat, deceive and steal.

The church and mosque leaders are in the business of telling their followers the truth that comes from God to man, as inscribed in the Holy Book. Their failure to live up to the tenet of their calling has carved out a business from the house of God. Since they are more often, not subjected to doubts and questioning, a free window to exploit the truth is open to their discretion.

Quite remarkably, we can be influenced by our spiritual leaders to become more sincere and harbour a personality of integrity. What we need as a society are men and women who walk into the service as religious guide, to be aware of their service to God and humanity, which demands at all time that whatever the scenario; they owe their followers the truth which they have earned by the trust reposed on them.