RCCG Expansion, Daddy Freeze & Business Centers -By Nneka Okumazie

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Nigeria is an interesting country where people often feel others are stupid. But the combination of the entire ‘better than others’ thought has not led to any progress in any major development area.
Although, it is almost impossible to have a nation of genius, but the small percentage of the smartest class in a country often wields transcendent impact across sectors.

So, if there are fiercely intelligent engineers, who know what they are doing and are passionate about solutions – regardless of Nigeria’s electricity sabotage – there would be new directions to solve the problem.

This same thing would apply to other sectors as a way to ignore the useless. If government or the private sector – in charge of something – decides they’re useless, the smart people who know what to do – or can know what to do if they try – can find a way around it, for progress for all.



But Nigeria does not have this, instead it is so much education & tiny smartness, gross darkness & rare electricity, potholed roads, tiny pay employment, rising retail costs, state governments competing for worthlessness, federal government caring about nothing useful, etc.

Many of these have been the same from thirty years ago. Announcements and projects publicized like something will change, but, often a farce.

Yet, there are people in Nigeria, where no one is doing pronounced national development work, who would say they are better than others, or that people are dumb.

This educated class whose education or knowledge is often to be antagonists of those doing certain stuff they think is stupid. But the stuff or not doing doesn’t mean development for Nigeria. So the entire antagonism is mostly worthless.

For them what is not a problem is the problem, and what is not the solution is the solution. Their impact is not felt in – alternative – development of the country. Doing business to make money while it makes no difference is easier than doing business that does much on development.

It is safe to say that antagonists in Nigeria, especially on social media who cry every day that people are dumb or, something is problematic, are loud but probably not smart.

The Insincere Society
Nigeria runs on insincerity. It is so abundant that in several situations, if you’re sincere you would get punished. There’s often an expectation of insincerity – to give and to receive – so sharpness is built around both.
The insincerity in Nigeria is even abused, taken to any length that puts lives at risk. Nothing is too small, big or delicate to be insincere at. Everything is an opportunity for insincerity and that is just the way it works.

There are places where there is no ‘niceness’ at all. Niceness or sincerity is seen as foolishness while insincerity or wickedness is seen as cute.

This thinking is what many of those who hate true Churches and Pastors in Nigeria deploy: that it impossible to grow that big, for a Church like RCCG without lots of insincerity.

But that is not the case. It is possible there are those in the Church who are professional hypocrites and advanced pretenders.

It is also possible some people use the name of GOD irresponsibly on issues within common sense, but the Church is for true Faith, true Hope, true Prayers and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth.
Giving in Church is a move of Faith, and if sincere prayers are made for tenth givers or others, within the extents of Faith – it is not a scam or a fraud.
There are several words and prayers by true Pastors that haters often seek to invalidate, but doing so invalidates the command that without Faith – without believing or with doubt, it is impossible to please GOD.

True Churches were not also made for development. Churches would have been the biggest scam if you paid them to offer electricity and they provided cuts instead.

The expensiveness of Church universities is not their biggest fault, if considered closely. If Church universities can guarantee that all or majority of their graduates would be super smart, passionate and skilled at graduation, then what they are offering can be close to quality education.

But cheap school or free school isn’t the answer Nigeria has been seeking for solution in education. There are so many examples where schools, classes or trainings are made to be deliberately expensive, so as to feel like quality but just another insincere sham.

Some haters are selling prosperity as abhorrent. That because it is possible to be a true Pastor and prosper and that it is possible that there are poor members in a Church means Church prosperity or for Pastor is a bad thing. NO! It isn’t.

What has RCCG done again?
RCCG should create more parishes and branches, but can be more specialized about it. There should be places for prayers only, and centers that open on evenings when there are no services so those who want to come and pray or praise or study the Word can come in and do so.

There may have to be registration for this. Also, in every local government, there could be several specialized RCCG centers, focused on edifications or just prayer messages or the Word. Some may open throughout Saturdays as well.
There is no point holding back expansion in every way because whatever RCCG does now is already a hate tool for critics. The way some of the antagonists mention RCCG or the lead Pastor, it is often like what have they done again?

RCCG is not a scam and their lead Pastor is not a fraud. Were RCCG a scam, they would have been doing lots of eye service projects – from long ago – that critics would have said, cool!

But NO, instead, the Church focused on spreading the gospel, on expansion, on fruits of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit and personal development. The Church prays, worships and deploys Faith.

They do so much evangelism-inclined welfare and give to the needy. The Church of GOD is matching on.

The antagonists are really mad, aside from being foolish and insincere. Blaming RCCG for almost every problem of Nigeria is a classic schizophrenic case many of them have, including their high fever nauseating man who has terminal intellectual disability.