The truth about Boko Haram, who to hold responsible for their actions.

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Alhaji Ahmed Sani is one man Nigerians will love to hate for his Islamic crusades. After he successfully introduced his pet project -the Sharia, in Zamfara State, while he was governor, many Northern governors took a cue from him. They in 2001, worried by what they call marginalization of muslims in the military and alleged plans by Christians to install their candidate in the 2003 elections, hatched a plan to equip Islamic groups in order to protect their interest. Alhaji Ahmed Sani of Zamfara State, Alhaji Saminu Turaki of Jigawa State, Abdulkadir Kure of Niger State, Yarima Bakura, Sheikh Mahmoud Salga -the National Chairman of Fitiyau Islam and other Northern governors in 2001 concepted on the plan of instituting what they call “foot soldiers for Islam”, who will fight for them where the military can’t. Then the ultimate aim of their agenda was to ensure that Muslim candidates in the 2003 polls “are not rigged out during the elections.”

Then, Yarima told his invited Muslim leaders that the Christian leaders met in Enugu State where they agreed that Christian governors should be installed in all states that have majority Christians while in states with a majority of Muslims, liberal Muslims would be selected and supported by the Christians. They formed a body known as the “Izala Aid Group”, pursed them up with N125 million for what Yarima said will help them get “working equipments”.

As at 2001 when the press asked Yarima what he meant by “working equipments” for the group, he said that Muslims in the country do not have senior officers in the Nigerian military and that even their junior officers were marginalized. He said the minister of defence, chief of army staff, there counterparts in the navy and airforce, and most of the general officers commanding (GOCs) were all Christians, and as such, became worrisome for conservative northerners.

Alhaji Ahmed Sani in his response to same issue stated that it was time to strengthen Islam in order to prepare for whatever comes her way. That preparation i will say, created a group that they never expected. A group that once turned on them. A group they are now happy to use once again to fight their battle of not being in power and not holding top military positions in the government.

My point is, if the government of today are interested in stopping the Boko Haram activities, in finding who they are and where they are, and perhaps what they do, they should round up Alhaji Ahmed Sani and his associates and question them, even if it means not abiding by the Geneva Convention.