This is how to know when you are in love.

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There two kinds of people who on the spot can figure out when they are deeply in love: romantic individuals and secret admirers. I picked up this topic today because a lot more people, guys and ladies, keep pumping this question to me within the first 20 minutes of our discussion.

Study claims that a very large number of people never felt real love before. I know it’s an emotion, a feeling, and you can’t exactly define it.  Like, technically, how you know when you’re feeling it, but since you’ve never felt it before, how do you know what you are feeling is even it at all? Except, of course, for the fact that you are feeling all those things you’ve never felt before. Like in your stomach and your throat and even in your ears. I mean, which just has to mean that it’s love right? Considering you only feel them when you are with that person, or thinking about that person? I mean, that’s got to be love right?

Because you are feeling all those things you’ve read about in poems, novels, watched in movies and heard about in songs but never completely understood. But now you do, you understand and you are listening to all those music and reading all those poetry in a completely new and glorious light, which  you just think has to mean that it’s love. And you just can’t stop thinking about that person, you don’t even want to stop thinking about the person, because for you at that point, its just the greatest, sweetest, most adorable person and everything about this person makes you just happy.

Just like every writer needs inspiration, everyone in love needs conviction, personal conviction. However, since social advancement and relationship sequences has continued to change through improvement of its applications, a lot more people have deviced means of faking characteristics that links to love, making it pretty much difficult to decipher by true lomongers.

For me, the best way to tell when you are in love is to listen to all those parts in your body that never said a word to you before. I welcome your views on this topic.